Winners Jaguars.... 2016
Jaguars needed to prove they should have won the league, so this Tournament was it, playing 7 minutes each way need to get going in the first 7 , this team takes a while to get going , but 7 of them played Saturday in the last adult league, I think this gave them a different look at this Bentham they were ready! 
Had a squad of 9 for this Tournament, Jaguars took control & went ahead in every game in the 2nd half,  players coming off & on changing around didn`t really disrupt the play, with tight marking from Jaguars, some teams just couldn`t cope, interceptions & tips from every player through out the tournament, shooters were shooting with ease, feeding round the circle & first time ball were spot on! At times with the first time ball left opposition standing, the timing down court was a pleasure to watch....
It wasn`t until the last game in the final, that Jaguars needed to really work hard,
Randwick wanted it too, this was a great contested match by both teams, Jaguars left it till the 2nd 7 minutes again to get ahead, this was the toughest match they had all morning, Randwick had a couple of steals, got with in a goal, Jaguars never lost the lead & won the match & the Tournament ;)

1st chelt kestrels won 13-6
Glos ladies A 14 - 3
Rand wick jet 14-2
Stroud wasps 19 -5
Semis challengers Galaxy 12-2
Randwick Amber 9-5
Squad : 
Maddie Pronini, Amber holt, Emma bennet, Flo Needham
Charlotte Leeman ( cap), Paige baker, Louise hall
Meg wynne-brown, Liv Mitchell

Thank you Marie for all the emails, collecting money, it makes my life so much easier ;) 
Parents too a thank you for your support see you all presentation night 
Thank you for all my goodies  🍫🍫🍫🍫