It was wins all round for the U12`s with Tigers, Leopards and the newly formed Jaguars. We turned up confident and excited for the game and I was eager to see the girls in action as it was my first time seeing them play in the league. 

Tigers knew that their first game was going to be closely contested against Cirencester so had to go on court and put into practice all they had learned in their training sessions. They remained calm throughout the game and ended up winning by 2 goals. Their next match was against Randwick Jets who Leopards had beaten earlier in the day. The defence were relentless and made interception after interception. WA and C fed the ball to the shooters with ease and when it got to them it was a guaranteed conversion. The score line reflected the game and the effort the girls put in with an outstanding score of 24-1. My player goes to Marsha-May Townsend for her sharp shooting. 
Leopards were on fire in both games and were consistent with both scores winning 9-3. The defensive unit was strong turning over ball early and applying pressure when the attackers were shooting. The defence linked well with the centre court players who fed the shooters without any hesitation. The shooters stayed calm and composed and didn`t get distracted by the shouting from the sideline. My Player for them is Ruby Taylor who took control when playing C and dominated when she played GD. 
This was Jaguars first game and they played against Challengers in a friendly. The girls worked tirelessly in the game and no matter what combinations I put on court, they made it work. The girls made Netball look effortless with the ball zipping down the court and into the attacking circle. If they made an error or lost the ball, every player was fighting to get the ball back in their possession. My player of the match goes to Bella Poulson for her composure in the shooting circle and scoring the most goals. 

Tigers vs Cirencester: 8-6 
Tigers vs Randwick Jets: 24-1
Leopards vs Gloucester Ladies: 9-3
Leopards vs Randwick Jets: 9-3
Jaguars vs Challengers: 10-3

Tigers squad:
Emelia Eagle (C)
Anya James
Marsha-May Townsend 
Millie Mason 
Deya Goulding 
Elizabeth Restall
Izzy French 
Morgan Woolery 
Rachel Smith 
Olivia Ipendkanz

Leopards Squad:
Lorna Collinson (C)
Amelia Stocker
Phoebe Bradford
Martha Slawinski
Mayam Boulkenatet
Martha Steele 
Harriet Hughes 
Ruby Taylor
Giya Chathley

Jaguars Squad:
Lottie Aubin (C)
Millie Capper 
Millie Sutton 
Bella Poulson 
Emily Hemlock
Ruby Taylor 
Lorna Collinson 
Martha Steel
A very proud coach, keep up the good work girls!