Flames Traveled to Newcastle for the Nationals 

Flames were ready to play in the Top 18, this was the end of a long season which started back in summer, working on team build, playing Sunday`s in Plymouth, Bath, Bristol Cornwall & Cheltenham.
Saturday had 4 matches, 2 in the morning & 2 afternoon, winning all 4 would get Flames the chance of being in the top 6 in country, it wasn`t going to be easy, every match was going to be tough, every team fought hard to get into this tournament, first match didn`t start well, loosing in the first 8 minutes,  Flames needed to take control & dig deep in the next 24 minutes , Flames went back on & took control they worked so hard & came out with the first win of the day 26-24 
40 minutes to wait for the next match, on a high from the win, needed to be focused, Flames were playing some great netball, from the whistle started taking control, even though loosing a couple of centre passes with opposition putting the pressure, this didn`t disrupt the play, with Flames shooters netting majority of attempts, with percentage 90% they were back in control & won 24-19 2 wins , 2 more matches to go.....
3rd match having won first 2 matches Flames really needed to be focused & work as a team on court, yet another great start Flames, with the flow going down court & steals converted at every opportunity, Flames had another win  31-21
4th match warm up done & ready for a win, every player really felt the pressure, made it hard work it wasn`t until the last 8 minutes Flames stepped it up a gear & managed to get ahead & get a win, Flames got want they wanted into the top 6 next day.
Sunday morning up & ready, this was going to be a tough day, although Flames started with goal for goal, it was a physical match, made some errors & it didn`t take long for Flames to be chasing, the feeds to the shooter were spot on & Flames defence just couldn`t break it down, also in mid court the flow was being disrupted, Flames just couldn`t get back in to the match had the first loss of the day. Still had the chance to get 5 just needed a win, the 2nd match was really Physical, putting fresh legs on really helped , but Flames just couldn`t get ahead & lost the second match of the weekend, now going on to the next match , either way 5th or 6th was a great result , going on for the 5th place , this was a great match as a finisher, a real nail biter Flames were up by 5 , then in the last minutes couple of devious against Flames, it was goal for goal & Flames lost it by one in the last seconds of the match.....

Beth Gabriel, Jane Taylor, Ellie Parker, Lucy Martin( cap) Ellie Sparks, 
Izzy Robinson, Alice Bradly, Hannah McCoubrie, Freya Channon, 
Jodie Emms, Jenny Graham, Katie Cruickshank .
Team Manager - Caroline Channon
Coach - Stella Ben Hania 
Thank you for Bri driving all the way & back to Newcastle , also a BIG thankyou to my Team Manager, she has done a fantastic job all year, with out her we wouldn`t have got this far :) 
Thankyou to the parents getting your daughter to all the matches & for all your support :)