Flames play offs at Plymouth
Up early for everyone leaving at 5.am , not the best start for the squad, coach, driver, Caoch, Team manager & supporters .
All matches were 4qtrs 7 minutes, so not a lot of time d for error, with pressure on the squad we need to win to get to Division 1 then Nationals
1st Match Bournemouth Ferns, not really knowing the teams, , started well 5-2 first qtr , 2nd qtr pulled ahead, this gave the coach a chance to try a different line up & change the team with fresh legs, more changes made in the last qtr & had a win.
2nd Match Galmington this was a very bitty match, Flames needed to work harder than excepted in the 1st qtr, but after that they were back on form, again the coach put fresh legs on another win.
3rd & Match Exeter , this was the hardest match of the day, after having 2 hours break , it too Flames a while to get going, in the first qtr made far too many mistakes & missing easy shots, 2nd qtr the flow came back, but Exeter were just as tight down court, both team wanted to win & it showed, going goal for goal, both were making errors. Flames left it till the last qtr to pull ahead , the last 5 minutes were fast & timing was spot on & Flames came through.
Jane 71%
Emily 68%
Jodie 50%
Katie 90%
Errors - contacts, obstruction, footwork, poor pass, drop ball 3 sec, - 51 
Positives - interceptions , tips,  rebounds ,  52 :) 

Jane Taylor, Emily Burnside, Ellie Parker, Lucy Martin, Ellie Spark, Izzie Robinson, Alice Bradley,
Freya Channon, Jenny Graham, Katie Cruickshank, Hannah McCoubrie, Jodie Emms.

A BIG thank you to 
Team Manager :Caroline, Driver: Brian, Umpire :Janet, Supporters .
A very long day, every combination that was used worked, every player played their part, well done squad , hard work beings now!