Linden 28 Hucclecote 48



Hucclecote travelled to Linden for their fourth game this season. Cote had an interesting start with Linden taking the ball off them four times in the first 6 minutes. After a run of 3 goals Hucclecote broke down Linden’s flow and woke up! They created turnover ball and scored to get level and then take the quarter by 1 goal.


With shots at goal steadily increasing and play starting to develop more structure Hucclecote started to take control of the game. Unforced errors from HNC still allowed Linden to stay in contention but we won the quarter 10 -5.


Changes made in Hucclecote’s shooting circle definitely created problems for Linden’s defence. Allison and Tildesley increased our shots on goal to 23 converting 16. This was enough to stretch the score to 33-20.


In our defensive end Yas H-E and Kellie turned ball with excellent rebounding and interceptions. With strong drives through court play was fast once we let the ball go at speed.


Another promising performance from the Prem side. Who are improving each game and demonstrating the depth they have as a squad.


Mizuno Player of the Match – Yas ‘The Princess’ Hodge-England 


Squad: R. Allison (CoC), T. Thompson, R. Tildesley, L. Richardson, L. Brooks, L. Tildesley, S. O’Dwyer, Y. Hodge-England, E. Powell- Davies, K. Hull