HNC v Chester 45-45

A solid start by Prem saw them produce some strong netball during the first quarter. Consistent shooting from Becky Tildsley allowed HNC take the quarter 14-11
With the addition of Rosie Allison into the shooting circle attack had two strong targets to play the ball into. With Sarah Adams back in Prem she showed excellent ball placement when feeding the shooters. This paired with great pressure on the ball from the defensive end allowed Hucclecote to keep their 3 goal lead.

After half time B Tildesley went back into GK with Thea Thompson and Allison taking on Chester’s defence. Although our attempts on goal reduced we were effective in closing down Chester’s attack and reducing their attempts. Still too close to call with end of quarter score now 33-32 

The final 15 was always going to come down to who could keep composure but Hucclecote had the added pressure of blocking out a now very rowdy Chester sideline. With drums being banged constantly and verbal ‘discouragement’ towards our girls it was clear Chester had recruited an eighth player. Chester came out hard and swiftly put 5 goals against HNC with no response from us. Quick changes saw Thomson go into defence and now Cote had their work cut out. The ball moved end to end with Cote clawing 2 goals back in succession. This, followed later by another 3 goal run, thanks to turnovers from Kellie Hull and Adams got HNC back in the game 43-42. Chester took their CP to goal levelling things out yet again. With only minutes left HNC scored off their own CP and then turned over Chester’s 45-43 !!. A questionable footwork call against Allison allowed Chester to score now 45-44. Chester had the CP and found their shooters who had been accurate all game. The shot was taken and mid flight the table buzzer went off. Whether it was the noise of Chester’s drum or the noise from the sideline the umpire was slow to blow her whistle !! GOAL ALLOWED ! 45-45

Squad: R. Allison, B. Tildesley, S.O’Dwyer, S.Adams, L. Tildesley, T. Thompson, E. Powell-Davies, K.Hull
Mizuno Player of the Match Shona O`Dwyer