Hucclecote 52 - Kent County 38

Hucclecote had a slow start in the first quarter which allowed KCNC to keep within 2 goals throughout. HNC’s unforced errors didn’t help them which enabled Kent to score from our centre pass. The score after the first quarter was 16-11 to HNC. A much stronger second quarter from Cote got them back on track. Turnovers from Yas Hodge-England were converted and Hucclecote increased the lead to 26-18. With consistency proving key Cote were able to settle in the game and start displaying some great netball. With Flo Edwards thing to court at WD her impact on the game was immediate. Powerful drives through court were fed well into the attacking combo of Shona O’Dwyer and Laura Tildesley who moved from WD to C. Consistent shooting from Rosie Allison and Thea Thomson saw Cote close out the game finishing 52-38 victors.

Squad: R. Allison, T. Thompson, S. O’Dwyer, S. Adams, L. Tildesley, Y. Hodge-England, F. Edwards, K. Hull
Shooting Stats: Allison 40/48 83%, Thompson 12/15 80%