Hucclecote played host to a new look Linden and were aiming to start strong in the first quarter. With the first CP HNC failed to find their shooters and Linden took possession scoring. Quick to take their own CP Linden grasped the opportunity to go 2 goals ahead. It was now crucial that HNC took care of their CP but again errors in decision making allowed Linden to turnover our CP. Now 3 – 0 down this wasn’t the start Hucclecote wanted. Once control had been gained Cote started to have an impact. Trading goal for goals it took us until the last stages of the Q to be able to put a 3 goal run on Linden. But they responded with the same. 12 – 9 down we had to have a better 2nd Q.


Hucclecote came out re-focused and straight away fought back with 5 successive goals. This took us two ahead and we were back in the game. As the girls controlled the pace of play through mid-court and balanced the play we started to look the better team.


3Rd Q saw Laura Tildesley on at WA and immediately had an impact. Feeds were finding both shooters Rosie Allison and Thea Thompson and this saw our attempts on goal increase. With another 5 goal run HNC forged a 9 goal lead and had much more possession than Linden.


Going into the final Q the instruction was to take care of our possession and reward the turnovers. Linden were not going down without a fight. A quick surge of goals enabled the score line to close to 41-38. With errors creeping into Cote’s game changes were made but Linden still pushed hard. The gap continued to close but HNC dug in and took the game 51-47.



Squad: R. Allison, Thompson, J. Taylor, S. O’Dwyer, S. Adams, L. Tildesley, L. Turner, F. Edwards, E. Powell-Davies


Shooting: R. Allison 27/30 90%T. Thompson 23/34 68%


Mizuno POM and Opposition POM: Thea Thompson