Hucclecote 52 – Ryland 49


HNC travelled to Birmingham to play Ryland having lost to them in their first meeting. With Prem’s form good confidence was high approaching the game.


Hucclecote starting relatively well struggled to get into their usual flow. At times play was stilted which allowed Ryland to control much of the first quarter. The score was very much goal for goal. In the final minutes of the quarter HNC took control and converted two turnovers but they were still 2 goals down


With Ella P-D taking to court in the second quarter and the attacking becoming much more fluid Cote began to play with their usual flair. A confident 4 goal run took them ahead by 2 goals. Shona O’Dwyer hit circle edge well and offered great feeds into the circle. Consistent play saw HNC 29-25 up.

The 3rd quarter required Hucclecote to keep composed and stick to task. With 9 turnovers gained we effectively took 5 to goal allowing us to maintain our lead 40-36. Speed of ball was good and both O’Dwyer and Sarah Adams were playing well in attack and showed discipline when moving the ball in our attacking third.

The final quarter was going to be a case of keeping unforced errors down but also scoring off our own centre passes. Ryland were fired up as they knew the game was far from won. With both teams scoring from their own CP it was HNC that cracked first. Ryland scored 4 goals on the bounce closing the gap to 43-42!!!! Cote responded on their own CP and then thanks to a strong rebound from Kellie Hull scored again. 45-43. Ryland came back at us and with 3 minutes to go equalised 49 -49. Cote CP and we go to goal. Ryland showed signs of faltering when they broke on their CP. This gave HNC the opening and we quickly took the ball goal. Smart play from Cote allowed us to keep possession and run the clock down another two goals and final score 52-49.


Squad: R.AllisonT.ThompsonS.O’DwyerS.AdamsL.TildesleyF.Edwards, E. Powell-Davies, K.Hull


Shooting: R.Allison 31/38 81.5%T.Thompson 20/32 62.5F.Edwards 1/2 50%


Mizuno POM: Shona O’Dwyer & Laura Tildesley