Hucclecote's performance during the 1st half saw them take on the tasks set to leave the opposition standing at times.  Superb distribution of ball throughout the court and great timing and positioning enabled shooter Hallbrook to take 20 shots in 15 minutes of which she scored 17.  Playing with Sam Cook who was making her debut in the attacking end and with Michaela Iffil maintaining a 100% error free record during this period Hucclecotes flair and speed impressed.  Sarah Lee at centre put on a solid performance and also took 3 clean intercepts during the first half. 18 - 7 up going into the 2nd quarter, Hucclecote stayed with the same line up, and in defence, the trio of Barrett, Captain Jane STringer and Kerry Walsh kept the pressure on , limiting Poole to very few opportunities to score.  When Poole took the ball though, their shooters were composed and accurate.
Half time saw the score improve to 32-13.

A physical yet exciting game saw Poole improve on their performance during the 2nd half.  Meanwhile, Hucclecote changed 2 players, bringing on Faulkner at WD , Emma McKenzie at WA and Carly Taylor to GA.  This took time to settle although at times the baseline drive by Taylor opened up opportunites for her team.  At 42-22 up, and 15 minutes to go, Iffil was introduced to C and Lee pushed back to WD.
Again this took time to settle, and error rates crept up with triedness beginning to show.  The knock on effect saw a poor quarter from Hallbrook who only had 6 opportunites scoring just 2 of these whislt Poole found greater freedom finding their shooters with ease.

However, the performance considering so many changes shows huge potential, and with everyone gaining court opportunity this was a solid win on the day.

Umpired by young B Award Louise Cole and B Award Dave Stringer, this was another well controlled game by both.

Shooting Stats:  Hallbrook 75%  Taylor 80% Cook 50% Overall 46/61 = 75%

Squad:  G. Hallbrook, S. Cook, C. Taylor, M. Iffil, S. Lee, K. Walsh, H. Faulkner, E. McKenzie, J. STringer and R. Barrett.