Entering the fourth game of the season, Stars showed they are beginning to find their feet as a team. However, they knew they would have a tough fight on their hands against Plymouth Pilgrims.

Starting off well, gaining 5 goals successively in the first quarter, the squad began to show great links at times but still had moments of uncertainity. With former Hucclecote player, Lucy Werrell, in defence for Pilgrims and a talented defensive duo with her, Hucclecote had difficulties at times getting the ball into the circle. 

The game saw the Pilgrims GA change three times throughout the game, which unsettled Stars slightly the third time but proved they could regain momentum, particularly in the fourth quarter, conceding only two goals. 

Stars seemed to improve on their habit of gaining a lead and then decelerating but still need to improve on this from reflecting on the second quarter.

Score: 48-27

Team: C. Richards, L. Stubbings, H. Werrell, S. Adams, H. Hynes ©, S. Hogg, J. Taylor, L. Butler. 

Player: S. Adams