Match Report 17/12/16


Hucclecote Stars v’s Raychem   69 / 32


Hucclecote’s Regional 1 team, namely Stars, played a re-scheduled match against Swindon based Raychem this Sunday (17/12/16).  The postponement was due to a lack of umpires available on the original date. A trip to Dubia had emptied the counties of qualified umpires !!


Raychem had not had the best of seasons this year and were presently struggling to get off the bottom of the league table, with only one win under their belt.  So they had everything to gain in this match.

Hucclecote Stars line up for the first quarter was a familiar 7, but with Flo Edwards and Emma Mckenzie on the bench impact was inevitable at some point in the game.

Raychem have two “Tower like” sisters playing for them in Nicky and Hayley Lawrence, one at either end of the court.  Nicky an accurate goal shoot was to give our defence, duo Laura Stubbings and Claire Richards a real challenge with many high reaching feeds into the circle to her. Similar problems were being felt at the other end of the court with Hayley smothering our shooters with huge defensive leans.

The first quarter was a learning curve for Stars ending in a 14 / 11 lead.Laura Butler at Goal Shoot had taken a hard fall on her knees during this quarter, so she was to be rested up for the second and Flo Edwards took her bib and was ready to disturb Raychems goal keeper’s style.  Meanwhile Jane Taylor at GA had already got the measure of her goal defence and was starting to run circles around her! With excellent feeding skills shown by captain Helen Hynes and Sarah Adams into the circle,Hucclecote Stars edged a well deserved 12 goal lead at the half way point 31 / 19 .

The 3rd quarter gave Stars the chance to bring fresh legs at centre in Emma Mckenzie and Flo Edwards took the Goal Attacks bib, giving Jane Taylor a breather.  Laura Butler although battered and bruised was ready to rejoin the court and show who was boss at goal shoot!!!

The team set a goal of trying to reach a half century score before the end of the third.  To achieve this they were going to have to turn some balland with great defensive work and tight marking from Helen Werell,Raychem were starting to feel the heat, overthrowing their feeds and being forced into numerous errors.

Capitalizing on these turnovers, goal by goal, Stars edged towards their target and on the shrill of the whistle, job done 50 goals exactly to Raychem’s 26.

Hucclecote had now turned into a pack of wolves hunting down a goal feast and set a challenge to over double Raychems score in the last quarter.  Back on court stepped Jane Taylor at GA along with Sarah Adams commanding the centre court dominance.   Emma Mckenziemoved to WD and was simply on fire appearing everywhere on court tipping, stealing and intercepting ball off the “Tallest”of players !!

Raychem were now tiring but Hucclecote‘s fitness showed as they lifted their gameClaire and Laura had tirelessly kept Raychem’s goal count low with some fantastic defensive work, whilst at the other end the shooting circle was now a goal fest with Laura and Jane scoring just short of twenty goals in this quarter.

Every player had given 100% and with a final score of 69 / 32 all targets had been reached along with a great win!!

Player of the match was awarded to Jane Taylor again, the youngster of the bunch!


Now with Hucclecote Stars sitting 6 points clear at the top of South West Regional Division 1 League they will be the team to beat in 2017, so next year is going to be a really tough one !!!!!!

Thanks must go to all the support from friends and family and the excellent scoring carried out by the Taylor sisters back from Uni for Christmas !!!!


Team :-

Laura Butler, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes (captain), Sarah Adams, 

Helen Werell, Laura Stubbings, Claire Richards, Emma Mckenzie

Flo Ewards


CoachPlayer :- Helen Hynes 


Primary Carer :-  Andrew Taylor