Hucclecote Stars sink Bournemouth Aquarians 47 / 40


This last weekend saw the “Clash of the Titans “ Hucclecote Stars met Bournemouths Aqaurians to decide who was going to go top of the South West England League Division 1 table this christmas .

These two teams had been unbeaten all season so far and had shared the top spot but Aqaurians had the edge with a better goal average !!

Although with a home advantage Hucclecote Stars new this was going to be a tough match and full concentration and skills had to be at their best.

The team line up was a well drilled and polished unit with the addition of Flo Edwards giving a little more depth and breth in the attacking circle.

Aquarians had a team sheet numbering eight and Hucclecote new a lot of their players were experienced from past encounters.

The first quarter was a very vocal quarter with all players looking for chinks in one anothers armour, Aquarians looked to take control with a flourish of goals but with a few forced era’s Stars came back to narrowly lead the game by two goals after the first play 13 / 11.

Changes in the second quarter saw Laura Butler take the Goal Shoot bib and Helen Werrell made way for Emma Mckenzie to get fired up at Wing Defence. The tempo of the game was lifted to another level with both teams desperate to gain the advantage and this showed with play becoming more and more physical. Aquarians have always had an accurate shooter in their senior player Caroline Leaton so Hucclecotes defence duo Laura Stubbings and Claire Richards made sure she had to shoot from distance if they were going to get turn over ball. The quarter was tightly contested and with our own shooting not on form Aquarians pressurized the score line to within one goal at the half way point 23 / 22 to Hucclecote.

The third quarter played out with both teams trading goals, Sarah Adams at Centre had been the reliable steering wheel of this ship and with Emma Mckenzie and Helen Hynes at the helm they made sure this Hucclecotevessel was not going to sink. Hucclecote edged a three goal lead at the end of the third quarter which was nowhere near enough to rest on 34 / 31.

Huclecote had to raise the bar in the fourth and final quarter to ensure a victory and with a very positive team talk by coach Jenna Culley the girls came out with all guns a blaze. Fighting for every ball and jumping to heights never seen before 

Hucclecote’s shooters Laura Butler and Jane Taylor got their accuracy together and slowly edged the scorelineaway leaving the Aquarians in their wake and depriving them of the losers bonus point as well.

Final score was a 47 / 40 a win to Hucclecote Stars and the proud number one position at the top of South West England Region League table.

All in all the game was a Christmas Cracker !!!


Hucclecote Squad :-

Laura Butler, Jane Taylor, Flo Edwards, Sarah Adams, Helen Werrell,

Emma Mckezie, Helen Hynes (Capt), Laura Stubbings, Claire Richards


Coach :-   Jenna Culley