Hucclecote Stars v’s   Galmington


Stars not shining so bright in the 4th”


Hucclecote Stars 44 /   Galmington 45


Hucclecote Stars sustained its first defeat of the season on Sunday against a very accurate shooting display by Galmington Netball club who had travelled up from Taunton, Devon.

The earlier encounter with this team had seen the highest goal scoring game of the south west regional league season by far with a Stars win 75 / 50 so with this in mind and a lot more games under their belt Galmington knew anything was possible. Hucclecote had to make sure and not give anything away.

To ensure Stars had strength and depth through the court Sarah Adams and Flo Edwards were drafted back into the line up although they had both already played in a Mizuno Prem game just minutes before.

The starting 7 were as strong a side as Stars had fielded all season with one absentee in defence Laura Stubbings being unavailable, never the less Flo Edwards had worked with Claire Richards on numerous occasions over the years so no problems there.

Within minutes of the game getting under way Goal shoot Laura Butler wrenched her fingers on her left hand which took an immediate effect on her shooting accuracy but she soldiered on all the same.

Galmington showed how they were going to play this game and took control straight from the off winning the first quarter 13 / 10.

Stars were not going to be taken that easy so with a quick team talk and re- hydrated the same seven stepped back on court to try and amend the score board in their favour. Slowly but surely Stars pressurised Galmington into a few forced errors and clawed back the goals to level. There was a battle royal going on in mid court with Helen Werrell and Galmington’s Arnie Brown. Brown had been a coach at Hucclecote some years ago and was taking no prisoners in her Wing Attack role but Werrell was having none of it giving as good as she got !!!

Captain Helen Hynes had already been suffering with a bad chest before she started the game and this was now taking its toll as we approached the half way stage of the game. Score now 22 / 21 in Stars favour.

Changes were now inevitable but with no shooting replacements or defence the only changes were made were in mid court, young Star Elisha New in her second appearance for Stars took the Wing Defence bib and Emma McKenzie gave Helen Hynes a break at Wing Attack.

Laura Butler was still suffering with the hand injury which was attended to with plenty of ice and advice.

Fresh legs and all to play for Hucclecote knew they had to put a stamp on the game in this quarter and that is exactly what they did getting a good run on goal and starting to edge away a little. Although in the lead the whole team were making hard work of playing, Jane Taylor at Goal Attack had been playing her socks off trying to compensate for her goal shoots injury but was on numerous occasions forced to shoot long and although drawing the fouls on her defensive opposition decisionswere not in her favour! Hucclecote finished the 3rd quarter with a seven goal lead 36 / 29 so heading in the right direction.

Coach Jenna Culley had used the players available to her and with now a winning combination left this seven on for the 4th and final quarter.

Hucclecote had run away with the game when played in Taunton earlier in season in the 4th but this was not to be today with players now getting exhausted and errors creeping into the game. Galmington had absolutely nothing to lose and played as hard in this quarter as they did in the first capitalising on ever mistake and simply passing the ball to their very tall and young Goal Attack who’s accuracy from anywhere in the D was a marvel to watch .

Things were not working for Stars, Emma McKenziethen turned her ankle and Helen Hynes had to find 10 more minutes of play in her lungs as an injury replacement. 

Galmington wore Hucclecote down to level the scores and managed to get the decisive goal on the turn of the final whistle.

Stars were gutted and it showed. A big lesson had been learnt and this team will take this on board and build on it to rise stronger for the next encounter.

Player of the match was awarded to Claire Richards in her defensive roll always giving 110% and shouting the odd encouraging word from the back line!!


Player of the match

Claire Richards (Rico)


Laura Butler, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes (captain), Sarah Adams, Helen Werrell, Flo Edwards, Claire Richards, Elisha New, Emma McKenzie

Coach Jenna Culley