Hucclecote Stars v’s Carol Anne


“The Uni Girls Unite for Stars Win”



Hucclecote Stars 49   /    Carol Anne 41


Hucclecote Stars are now getting used to the Devon air with back to back trips down the M5 this time to play Carol Anne at Bideford College.

It was an early start to make sure all the players were at the college by 10 am for a 11 oclock centre pass .

Carol Anne has always been a club with strength and depth and a force to be reckoned with over the years , a tough encounter played with a lot of passion .

The earlier season game played at Cheltenham College had resulted in a Stars win 53 / 31 but we were aware that Carol Anne had lacked a few of their top players for that game , they had now returned so this was a different line up and nothing was to be taken for granted !

The Hucclecote bench numbered 9 players with theabsence of last weeks player of the match Jane Taylor (unavailable due to school commitments), Stars werealso without the rudder of the ship coach Jenna Culleynever the less Helen Hynes was quite happy to take the skipper and coaches hats on for the day .

A new addition to the squad was Gloucestershire University’s netball captain Emily Steer ,a player with a smile big enough to brighten up anybodies day !

Again the main talk was impact in the first quarter, as games are so often won or lost in this phase of the game .

Starting 7 were Laura Butler GS, Brooke Vivian GA, Helen Hynes WA, Emma McKenzie C, Helen WerrellWD, Laura Stubbings GD, and Claire Richards GK.

In reserve were Izzy Robinson and already mentioned Emily Steer.

First quarter was Carol Anne centre pass which was converted so that feeling of chasing the game descendedstraight away and the whole 15 minutes were going pretty much goal for goal until Stars managed to push Carol Anne into a few  errors, capitalizing on these Hucclecote gained a very slim lead of one goal at the end of the quarter . 13 / 12 . This first quarter win had been a long time coming over the recent weeks games but  astep in the right direction.

No change of players going into the second quarter just to build on what was going right. The game was getting very physical as we were expecting and the umpire stopped the game at one point and advised all of the players on court to keep their cool ! This umpire had umpired the previous weeks game v’s Titans so Hucclecote new exactly how to play ! No sooner had this been said Claire Richards at GK took a huge fall and unfortunately grazed her hand on the playing surface .This was now a blood injury and she had to leave the court with only seconds to make a change and track suite bottoms not coming off quick enough play had to go on until the next goal scored ! Primary carer Taylor jumped straight into action and had Richards injury strapped up and ready to go before the next goal was scored . A lesson learnt about quick release track suite bottoms in future and simply being ready no matter what !

Hucclecote pushed the score line into a 5 goal lead by half time but Carol Anne were not going to lie down and be trodden on and had plenty left in their tank.

Score now 26 /21 to Stars .

A couple of changes were made for the 3rd, Emma McKenzie was rested up from Centre and Helen Werrellmoved from WD to Centre, Helen had had a great game so far and was itching to carry on the momentum , IzzyRobinson took the WD position a player who also wanted to put her mark on the game.

Straight from the whistle Izzy made a presence and managed to get a few forced errors which Laura Butler at GS made sure they counted. Brooke Vivian had commanded the GA areas and worked well with Butler in the D.

It was the turn of the opposition to be getting into the warnings and caution books this week , Hucclecote were playing like angels !!!!

The game was still very tight though and by the end of the 3rd there were only 8 goals in it 38 / 30 to Hucclecote.

Last quarter and only one change made captain Helen Hynes made way for Emily Steer to put on the WA bib ,this meant that a great working relationship would be reunited feeding fellow University team mate Butler at GS.

Carol Anne were now showing signs of fatigue especially around the shooting circle with quite a lot of missed shots on goal but Hucclecote were finding it hard to get a decent rhythm going through court to capitalize on the turn over balls .

Goal for goal , error for error minute by minute the quarter passed and Hucclecote had entered the last quarter with an 8 goal lead  and won the game with an 8 goal lead . Final score 49 / 41 a good win against a totally different  look Carol Anne team who fought to the end !.

Player of the match was awarded to Laura Butler at GS dependable hands well on target !


Player of the match – Laura Butler


Squad – 

Laura Butler, Brooke Vivian, Helen Hynes (captain), Emma McKenzie, Helen Werrell, Laura Stubbings, Claire Richards, Emily Steer, Izzy Robinson.  


Coach/Player – Helen Hynes


Primary Carer – Andrew Taylor