Hucclecote's winning ways continued today when they produced another superb performance even though missing captain, Jane Stringer who was absent as she is on honeymoon, Hannah Faulkner who called in ill, and Anna Joll who managed a half after recovering from illness too.

The first quarter was sharpe, with umpires Chris Shaw and David Stringer playing advantage and both did well. Hucclecotes ball through court work left the Exeter defence standing at times.  Sarah Lee , Michaela Iffil and Carly Taylor demonstrated quick release of ball and drives to the 'D' allowed Gemma Hallbrook to dominate in the circle from the whistle.   Meanwhile, at the other end, Charl Johnson GD and Claire Richards WD and Rosie Barret all worked well together reducing the opportunites for Exeter , leaving the quarter score at 12 goals to 3 in Hucclecote's Favour.

With no changes until half time, the attack continued to gel driving to the circle edge with precision.  Richards also impressed showign the great versatility within the squad.  With Rosie Barrett on fire at GK this quarter saw her take complete control with Charl Johnson, with the half time score showing Hucclecotes dominance 27-11.

The third quarter brought changes, with Anna Joll on at GA, Kerry Walsh to C, and Sarah Lee moving to WD.  This took time to settle although again the turnover rate for Hucclecote proved high limiting the opportunities for Exeters shooters and the quickness of Walsh at Centre and release of feeds to Hallbrook added extra excitement for the supporters.

The final 15 minutes Kerry Walsh took on the GD bib , Michael Iffil to C, and Carly Taylor back on at WA.  Kerry  Walsh took an admirable amount of turnovers as well as tipping off the ball allowing her team mates to pick up on this.  With Barret at GK taking complete control, communicating and dominanting, Hucclecote strolled home to take the match 54 - 24.

Exeter's performance showed great promise at times, however the defence trio , in which ever combination for Hucclecote did the damage.  Rosie Barrett certainly gave an awesome performance and the team effort was stunning to watch.

Squad:  G. Hallbrook, C. Taylor, A. Joll, M. Iffil, S. Lee (Capt), C. Richards, C. Johnson, R. Barrett, K. Walsh

Umpires:  David Stringer and Chris Shaw
Scorers:  Sue Lee and W. Thorpe

Shooting Stats:-  G. Hallbrook 84% 41/49  C. Taylor 56% 5/9  A. Joll 8/16 50%  Overall 73% 54/74