Hucclecote comets 45 v Team Bath B 46
This team wasn`t sorted until after training Thursday night, with players missing due to half term, a completely different line up, it wasn`t going to be a easy match as last time comets won by 4, with a full squad, so Team Bath were out for a win, getting used to each other on court, comets forced the the ball in the attack, Team Bath reacted very quickly & converted , but comets came back fighting putting pressure on their mid court, going goal for goal in the 1st qtr 12/12 , one changed made using fresh legs, it was still mid court that rushed the forced the ball, 2nd qrt team bath pulled away by 3 goals, so changes made to comets moving players around & this combination really paid off, Comets storm out on the 3rd qtr & pulled back the 3 goals, Comets got it together errors were less & now Team Bath were making errors, with Comets ahead by one goal going in to 4th qtr, comets just needed to take care of the ball, couple of missed shots from both shooting circles, the shooters feeling the pressure, right to the last seconds of the match it could of gone either way & both teams fighting hard going every ball getting really physical, in the end Team Bath got the winning goal!

This was a great squad performance every player played their part on court & never gave up! 
Meg, Michelle, Sam (cap), Alisha, Briyony, Elaine, Meryl, Emily, Ella & 
super sub Meg Jennings
Players Player & away Player : Michelle she had a great match ;)