A new Hurricanes line out started slowly against a very physical Randwick. With untested combinations in play Hurricanes conceded 8 poor passes in the first quarter alone, allowing Randwick to take the lead at the end of the first quarter by 4 goals (10-14).

Alison Croad came on as WA in the second quarter and confidently fed Beth at GS from the onset. Hurricanes settled into the match, accepting the physicality they were against and gained a rhythm in their play and newly formed line up. 100% shooting stats from both Beth (GS) and Brooke (GA) saw Hurricanes bring back the score to 24-25, winning the quarter by 3 goals.

Katie NH arrived just in time for an injury substitution 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter and quickly established herself into the Hurricanes line up as WD driving down court to assist the attack. Hurricanes continued their composed performance, this time taking the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter by 5 goals, with the score set at 38-33 going into the 4th quarter.

Hurricanes defence really applied the pressure to Randwick’s established shooting duo throughout the last quarter, restricting their opportunity at goal to  8 attempts, of which they scored 6. Hurricanes confidence throughout court increased with quick releases and accurate feeding, giving Brooke (GA) and Beth (GS) 21 attempts at goal, scoring 16, bringing the final score to 54-39 in Hurricanes favour.

A great performance from a new line up in the first match of the season. Well played everyone, a fantastic squad performance.

Squad: Beth, Brooke, Emma, Alison, Michaela, Simone, Katie, Rosanna, Yas.

Shooting stats:

Beth:      7/8, 9/9, 9/12,10/11 = 88%

Brooke   3/3, 5/5, 4/7, 6/10  = 72%

 Randwick 39/58 67% Hurricanes 53/65 82%