Hurricanes started well against an experienced Survivors line up quickly taking the lead 2-0. However decisions did not go our way, which had an unsettling influence on the team seeing us go down 2-3 within the first 5 minutes of the opening quarter. Only 2 poor passes were conceded in this quarter, an encouraging statistic with this newly formed squad. However at the end of the first quarter we were down 9-12.

Katie NH managed to sort out her car trouble (#AlwaysLate!!) and took the GD bib at the start of the second quarter, closing down the space of the Survivors GA, forcing the shooting emphasis to be placed on their less confident GS. The shooting combination of Beth and Brooke in a change of positions worked to Hurricanes favour with an increased attempt at goal and shooting percentages were up. Play flowed much better for Hurricanes this quarter as player familiarity increased, taking the half time score to 23-20, a fantastic ‘come back’ quarter with a  quarter win of 14-8 – just what was needed!

Sarah came on as GS at the start of the 3rd quarter and demonstrated a strong, steady presence in the Hurricanes attack. Yas at GK came alive in this quarter, hunting the ball effectively, resulting in 3 interceptions, 1 rebound and 1 pressure.......the bar has been set Yas....just saying!! Introducing Sophie into the WD position made an impact, closing down Survivors WA, hunting the ball – resulting in 1 intercept and 2 tips leading to possession. At the end of the 3rd Hurricanes were up 31-25 (a quarter score of 8-5), but the game was still for the taking going into the final 15 minutes!

Beth came back on as GS and Simon retook the court as C with Michaela moving to WA. The attempts at goal this quarter were the highest of the game due to the tenacity of the defensive unit repeatedly turning the ball – Yas intercepted 2 balls, Katie intercepted 3 (I would say 4, but the umpire deemed her to have contacted in her attempt to gain possession) and Sophie put increased pressure on the WA forcing feeds in.

A fluctuating first quarter performance was followed by a determined, focused Hurricane squad effort to win the game convincingly by 12 goals 44-32.

Well done ladies. A great squad effort, displaying the diversity of our players and the strength of the team, allowing all 10 players to take the court in a variety of positions.


Shooting stats:

Beth: 6/11, 8/10, 9/14 = 23/35  65%

Brooke  3/3, 6/8, 2/3, 4/6 =15/20  75%

Sarah 6/10 = 60%



GS: 4/4, 6/10, 2/3,7/8 = 76%

GA: 8/10, 2/3, 3/5, 0/3 = 62%


Squad: Beth, Brooke, Sarah, Emily, Michaela, Simone, Sophie, Flick, Katie, Yas.