Hurricanes fielded a lean squad of 8 players for this fixture, which again thankfully included Michelle Dowle, with the ‘new’ addition of Elisha New (no pun intended!). The starting line up of Beth, Michelle, Ali, Michaela, Emily, Zoe and Yas saw Hurricanes steam into the lead at the end of the first quarter 19-4. With our shooters converting 19 out of the 22 shots at goal we had a firm advantage over BC Saints who only put up 9 goals, scoring 4. 


Changes at the start of the second quarter saw Elisha taking the court as WD, the rest of the line up remain unchanged. With the target set to score 20 goals this quarter the squad  worked hard to achieve this, with Elisha immediately making an impact with 2 tips and 3 interceptions. Our circle defensive duo of Zoe and Yas took advantage of the 36% shooting accuracy of the opposition and came away with 4 rebounds, 2 turn overs and 2 intercepts. Michaela at C intercepted a ball and Ali was quick to react at WA picking up several loose balls on court. Feeds to our shooting circle remained strong, allowing our shooters to again have 22 attempts at goal. We fell short of our quarter target by 1 goal, again scoring 19 this quarter , but still restricting BC Saints to a quarter score of 4 goals off 11 attempts.


At the start of the 3rd quarter the score was 38-8 in Hurricanes favour. Emily replaced Ali at WA, the rest of the line up again unchanged. A few errors crept into play during this phase of the game, with 8 poor passes in evidence and a centre pass break. Defensively we still turned ball, Elisha with 2 interceptions and Zoe with 1, but our shooting accuracy deteriorated to 65% this quarter, scoring 15 out of a possible 23 attempts. This left the score at 53-14 at the beginning of the final quarter.


Emily replaced Michaela at C, and although we got the ball swiftly into our shooting circle off the first centre pass we failed to score. BC Saints capitalised off the rebound, taking the ball to their goal and scoring the first goal of the last quarter. BC Saints then scored off their own centre pass, and when Hurricanes missed again off our own centre pass, it felt like Deja- vu as another rebound was taken from us and the ball being accurately shot in the opponents net! Hurricanes then found themselves in the unfamiliar position of being down 0-3 in this quarter and had to fight hard to claw the score back to 3-3, which eventually happened 5 ½  mins into the quarter. This quarter was not the clinical netball we had been working hard at training to achieve, instead a quarter riddled with unforced errors – 10 poor passed, a footwork and 2 breaks at the centre pass. In contract to the interceptions made previously in the game, Elisha gained the only interception of the quarter and Zoe fought hard to get a much deserved turn over also claiming 2 of the 4 possible rebounds.


The errors in this final quarter saw Hurricanes attempt at goal plummet to just 16, scoring 11. In contrast, BC Saints had their maximum attempt at goal, scoring 8 out of a possible 12 attempts. Although a loss was unlikely going into this last quarter, Hurricanes didn’t maintain their composure in this last 15 minutes, resulting in the final score 64-22. However, a win is a win, and we must remember all the great elements of play on display in the first half of the game.

Well done team. Still a few bits to work on, so lets see you at training Thursday!



Beth Gabriel, Michelle Dowle, Alison Croad, Michaela Chilton, Emily Steer, Elisha New, Zoe Gresham, 



Shooting stats:

Beth 37-48 = 77%

Michelle 27/35= 77%


Attempts at goal 83, scoring 63.


BC Saints 23/40 =58%