Hucclecote travelled to play against the newly promoted Weston team with only 8 players available.  With key shooter Hallbrook missing due to illness and Kerry Walsh's promotion to join the Prem Squad, it was a lean but mean performance that saw them steal victory by 56-26.

Weston's defence which included teambath talent player Jess Preece and Anna Thomas used their height to great advantage and for the first few minutes caused pressure points for Hucclecote's shooting duo Carly Taylor and Anna Joll making life difficult at times by forcing lifted balls.  Although Weston capitalised earlier on, a strong performance by Sarah Lee taking 3 well timed flyers in mid-court at WD kept Hucclecote in the lead taking the score to 13-6 at quarter time.

With Lee moving to Centre , to pair up front with Rose Morgan Smith, the second quarter performance went up a notch giving confidence to both shooters who began to play some great one touch netball using the triangle and finding each other well. Umpires Stringer and Karen Drake kept good control throughout, with Stringer particularly playing the advantage well.  Joll  was spot on in placement of ball to team mate Taylor wrong footing the Weston defence, helping give Hucclecote 23 attempts during this period as opposed to 19 in the first 15.  A half time score in Hucclecote's favour saw them 27-14 ahead and this was aided by both shooters netting 75% and 77% respectively.

With Captain Jane Stringer carrying injury, a defensive switch saw Stringer move to GK, Charlotte Johnson move from WD to GD and Lee move one space back to WD. This paid dividends, particularly as Weston struggled to put ball through to their shooting circle.  Hucclecotes defensive trio demonstrated  great pressure giving Weston their least opportunites to score with Sarah Lee having a great game both defensively and in bringing the ball through court. With Michael Iffil driving at speed through to attack, Weston had few answers to stop a determined Hucclecote side.

Meanwhile up front, Rose Morgan Smith showed perfect vision in finding shooters Taylor and Joll as she produced a flawless quarter helping Hucclecote to increase their oppotunities putting up 26 shots taking the score to 46-18 at 3/4 time.

The final quarter saw a complete re-shuffle, allowing Jane Stringer to rest.  Rosie Barrett now out of  familiar terriotory playing GD  took 2 clean intercepts off the centre pass as well as rebounding strongly in the final period.    The re-arranged line up took time to settle, although Hucclecote's overall performance was one that was pleasing for Coach Gilly Salter , who believes that the squad this year are supportive, versatile and capable to take the title.

Squad:  Carly Taylor, Anna Joll, Rose Morgan Smith, Michaela Iffil, Sarah Lee , Jane Stringer, Rosie Barrett, Charl Johnson

Shooting:  Taylor 35/48 = 73%  Joll 21/30 = 70%