Lightning v Bishops Cleeve Saints 
Lightning took the court with 3 of the 7 players new to the club & the other 4 making their debut in the Premier League. 
They made a good start establishing an early 3 goal lead, though many unforced errors were made bringing the ball through court. That combined with shooting stats of only 50% by both Heather & newcomer Millie allowed Cleeve to stay in touch. 
Great turnovers & rebounds by Alice & another newcomer, Felicity restricted Cleeve`s shooting attempts. During the 2nd quarter shooting % massively improved which gave Lightning  7 goal lead by half time. Cleeve rallied in the 3rd q and brought the score back to within 4. Changes mid court & in the shooting circle gave Lightning the edge to win by 6. 
Squad: Alice, Flick, Ella, Jess, Meg, Beth, Heather & Millie. 
Shooting stats: 
Millie- 65%
Heather- 70%