Lightning had a flashy start scoring the first 5 goals. Hurricanes then settled, ending the quarter 15-13. 

The defensive combo of Izzy and Beth worked well denying the shooters to shoot from close range and with Ella (WA) feeding Lightning attack with ease, only resulted a 4 goal deficit going into the 2nd half. 

In the 2nd half saw Heather coming on at WA and putting in a stellar performance which allowed Millie and Ffion to continue playing with ease. Meg Jennings had a stormer keeping the WA out of the game, this saw lightning win this quarter and go into the last quarter 42-42. 

In the last quarter Hurricanes found their form, Lightning did well and defended all through court but couldn`t stop their flow. The final score (49-60) didn`t reflect the game, but the girls should be proud of their performance.