Following last weeks disappointing game which is currently in dispute, Hucclecote, minus their Captain Jane Stringer who is recovering from 1 or 2 broken ribs, and Gemma Hallbrook through work commitments, pulled in 3 of the Reg 2 players to support a depleted squad.

Sarah Lee took over the captaincy on the day and did a great job leading the warm up superbly in order to have the squad prepared for the game.  The first quarter saw Hucclecote start strongly with particularly Lee, Claire Richards and Rosie Barrett at the back turning ball with ease.  The initial 5 minutes also saw the attack taking the ball to goal and they stormed into a 6 goal lead.  However, credit to Galmington who after this period began to work out Hucclecotes game plan with their GK reading the high ball into both shooters Carly Taylor and Anna Joll and disrupted them during the next 10 minutes leaving the score at just 10-8 in Hucclecotes favour.  Both umpires, Gill Newton and Sharon Curtis stayed in pace well with the game and made some fair and consistent decisions throughout.

Rhianna Hallbrook at just 16 years of age was brought on in the 2nd period, and instantly made a difference although nerves showed initially.  Once Hallbrook's confidence lifted, there was little that Galmington could do to stop her quickness to put ball in the net which she did 11/15 times , creating more shooting opportunities in this one quarter than Hucclecote had had together in the first 15.  Michaela Iffil used her speed to bring ball through court, and with Sarah Lee dominating with her defensive unit again it was a great 15 minutes that took Hucclecote to 21-12 at half time.

The second half saw more changes with Joll back on at GA , and Caroline Bedford also making her first debut at this level.  Bedfords understanding with Hallbrook from Reg 2 level paid dividends as they again created 18 opportunities at Goal with the young Hallbrook taking 17 of these shots. 

At moments, Hucclecote showed what they are capable of, and led the 3rd quarter period 33-17 before going into the final 15 minutes.  With Rose Morgan Smith on at WA, and Iffil switched to GD, this re-arranged line up took time to settle although Morgan Smith found some great space at times feeding into both shooters.  Barret and Lee were outstanding in this final period turning huge amounts of ball over.   The final result of 42-23 was a convincing victory, although Hucclecote still need to go back to the drawing board to discuss the areas that still need more work on.

Overall , with 3 regional players being given their debut, this was an outstanding opportunity which they all took seriously , and all played very well.  Player of the match for Coach Gilly Salter, was a close call between the unit at the back, Claire Richards, Sarah Lee and Rosie Barret, but it was Barrett who stole the show.  This now puts them back on track after their nightmare game last weekend, and although Jane Stringer Captain is likely to be out for a while, the strength and depth they have as a club showed today that they can accomodate and make changes when needed.

R. Hallbrook 29/44 67%  C. Taylor 5/8 62.5%   A. Joll 8/13  61.5%

Squad:  R. Hallbrook, C. Taylor, A Joll, R. Morgan Smith, M. Iffil, C. Bedford, S. Lee (Capt), Claire Richards, Rosie Barrett

Scorer:  Sue Lee (thanks Sue)!!