Storm 29 v BC Warriors 21
New season, new venue, new team, Storm only had  3 players out of 7 that played I the 1st Division before, only having the bare 7 this week, all players were pretty nervous but no need, it was like they never had the summer off & looked at ease in this division.... Ducks to water! 
Storm took control even though it took a while for the shooters to get their eye in, 1st qrt they went ahead by 4.
Going on to the 2nd qrt only having 7 on court, switched players around to rest legs, lucky the combinations worked, but then errors started to creep in, with loopy balls & forcing the pass, Storm needed to settle again, 
Storm netted 4 to warriors 3, this was the lowest scoring qtr for both teams,  it wasn`t until the 3rd qtr that Storm went ahead comfortably netting 10 goals to warriors 4, Storm still couldn`t relax, still needed to keep the speed, making silly errors & missing easy shots with 10 minutes to go, gave BC the chance of interceptions & tips, rebounds & easy conversions, but the hard work had been done by Storm & won the match 29-21 .

Ellie, Jodie, Freya, Jenny, Charlie, Catilin, Hannah.