Storm 57 v Tornadoes 31 

This is always a hard match for both teams, playing your own club is never easy when they train together . 
Storm are a young team but Tornadoes are even younger, all these players are a credit to the club & all under 18 ......
Storm took control experience was the key to this match, Tornadoes never gave up & gave Storm a hard fought match, at times the speed down court & timing from Storm was a joy to watch, with the set moves worked on in training for both teams, not every time worked but some key players not at training & it showed..
Best qtrs for Storm were 1st, 2nd & 4th , 3rd qtr they let Tornadoes take that by 3 .
Great match by both teams ..

Shooting Stats 
Jodie 68% 3qtrs
Nina 59% 3qtrs
Ellie 52% 2qtrs
Team Errors 39 ;( 
Team Positives 56 :) 

Jodie, Nina, Ellie, Freya, Jenny, Hannah H, Harriett, Eve, Hannah Mc ..