Hucclecote's result against St Austell today was as a result of a final 15 minute burst, having been held head to head all the way throughout the game.

Coach Gilly Salter has never seen the squad struggle through court like they did today, and can only put this down to tiredness, and missing Captain Jane Stringer's presence, due to still recovering from a broken rib.

All credit to St  Austell though who arrived with the bare 7 players, including Carly Taylors Mum Penny Taylor on at WA.  With daughter and mother on opposing teams, the first 15 saw St Austell put up more attempts and it was only through both teams missing opportunities that kept the game at a draw at 8 goals each.  This was much the same in the 2nd quarter, although Hucclecotes defence lifted their game plan, with both Charlotte Johnson and Sarah lee turning ball giving Cote 23 opportunities at goal v just 16 attemps for the St Austell side. Although St Austells conversions were higher in percentage terms, Hucclecotes 14 attempts out of 23, left the score level again at half time with the teams sharing the spoils at 22 all.

With Hallbrook back on to GS for the 3rd quarter and Michaela Iffil and Charl Johnson taking 7 clean intercepts between them, Hucclecote rallied an early attack with Hallbrook netting the goals way.  However Emily Yates playing GS for St Austell also kept the Cornish side in contention by netting 11/11 scoring 100% during this quarter keeping the umpires Stringer and Veneer busy with some end to end netball.  With no team taking the advantage the score was left at 35 each going into the final 15.

Hucclecote's final 15 saw them strike hard, and suddenly, the shooting circle of Hallbrook and Joll began to dominate with Joll producing her best quarter for some time scoring 80% 8/10 .  Rose Morgan Smith and Michaela Iffil worked tireslessly driving to the circle edge feeding well into the shooting circle allowing Hucclecote more opoprtunities in this quarter to shoot at goal.

Combined with this , Sarah Lee had the most dynamic 15 minutes, turning 3 intercepts during this period alone, and with Rosie Barrett reading the game and also taking 4 clean intercepts, Hucclecote began to build a lead for the first time in the game. 

Todays performance was not the best Hucclecote have produced, and at times was frustrating to watch,  but the final quarter displayed great determination turning the game from a draw at 3/4 time to a 54/41 final victory showing how quickly motivation and a will to win can turn any game around.

This is Cote's last game now until the new year when they will take on a friendly match against Welsh U.21's who are preparing for the U.21 World Championships later in 2009.

Stats:  G.Hallbrook 26/35 74%  A. Joll 19/30 63%  C. Taylor 9.17  53%  O/A  54/82  65.5%

St. Austell : E. Yates 29/36 80.5%  L. Martyn 12/17 70.5 % O/A  41/53  77%

Squad:  G. Hallbrook, C. Taylor, A. Joll, R Morgan-Smith, M. Iffil, S. Lee (Capt), C. Johnson, K. Walsh and R. Barrett.

Umpires:  D. Stringer and  A. Venner
Scorers:  S. Lee and E. Johnson