Storm 30 v Challengers 51
Storm knew this week was going to be a hard physical match, although last time Storm won convincing, but Challengers strengthen their team, with Maddie, Charlotte & Lucy joining in the Storm squad for fresh legs, found it hard, Storm started off on the back foot, struggling with the pace & speed of Challengers, with the 1st qtr over, Storm needed to forget it & start a fresh in the 2nd qtr, this was the best qtr Storm played all match, pulled the gap back to with in 6, now we had a match, but it didn`t last, timing was out, shooting wasn`t working, defence just couldn`t stop the feed into the Challengers shooters. The better team won on the day...
Ellie, Nina, Madie, Jennie, Charlotte, Lucy, Caitlin, Eve.