Storm 45 v Tornadoes 40
This week all teams were mixed up from Hurricanes to Tornadoes, so many not available, the teams were still not sorted Friday night! 
Young players playing first time in adult leauge, others  stepping up in to higher divisions to help other teams out! Players back on court after retirement!!!!!
Storm & Tornadoes had each other, playing your own club in the league is never easy, it`s always a fight to the end & always a close encounter.....
Tornadoes took the lead in the 1st qtr, by 1 goal, it took a little longer for Storm to get it together, after the 2nd qtr Storm went ahead by 7, Tornadoes had 8 players so had the option of fresh legs until the 4th qtr one player needed to go, as Storm had flat 7. 
In the 3rd qtr both teams scored 12-12  , so Storm still ahead by 7 , Tornadoes not ready to let Storm take this game, going on 4th qtr, Tornadoes came out hard, just before the end Tornadoes had a injury, down to 6, changes were made on court with players needed to moved around, Storm kept calm coming away with a win by 5 goals. 
This was a great match, such young talent every one stepped up & played well....
Stella , Ellie, Haggie, Jennie, Char, Connie, Eve.
Tash, Alex, Maddie, Lucy, Amber, Hannah, Emma B, Nadine .