Hucclecote 33 v Randwick 27 
This week Storm had 9 in the squad, which was a bonus as every week struggling to get the bare 7 out, this time fresh legs ;) 
Storm started real slow, but went ahead by 3 in the 1st qrt, changing every qrt in the match paid off, with each qrt Storm went ahead. Making the most of Randwick only having 7 ! 
Even though Storm were ahead,  it wasn`t an easy win, last half got physical with Randwick wanted the win as much as Strom, with errors creeping into Randwick`s game, they had no fresh legs! Storm putting the pressure on & converting ending up with a win! 
Stella, Nina, Ellie, Haggie, Jennie, Maddie, Char, Caitlin, Eve.