Storm 42 v Upton 42
What a match this was, Storm really played out of their skins , fought hard & kept going it was a real physical game for both side`s, it was defiantly a yo yo match, 1st qtr Storm were ahead, then 2nd qtr Upton went ahead, going on to the 3rd qtr made changes but didn`t really work, Storm down going on to the last qtr, last change this really needed to work,  needed to dig deep, this was Storms best qtr, with forcing errors from Upton, they were getting tired, Storm took advantage & converted, with 1 minute to go 41-41 in Storms attacking half, passing the ball around not getting into the circle screaming from the side "we need a goal" with one pass into the circle goal scored 42-41 clock going down, 30 seconds Upton`s centre pass, WA then straight into the Shooter & scored the whistle blew full time 42-42 this was a great result... So proud of this team :)   
Stella, Ellie, Nina, Haggie, Jenny, Maddie, Charlotte, Caitlin, Eve...