Hucclecote's first quarter saw them go out at pace and with Captain Jane Hicks producing an awesome display in defence, Hucclecote struck at lightening pace taking the first quarter 16-4. This was added to by Gemma Hallbrook's dominance in the shooting circle where she netted 70% during this period taking Hucclecotes to a lead of 16-4 at quarter time.  Consistent and fair umpiring by Dave Stringer and Karen Drake aided the game.

With 10 on the squad the 2nd quarter saw Anna Joll on at GA and Caroline Bedford on at WA to work on combinations for their Bahrain tour just a few weeks away.  This took time to settle with the final ball placement not always correctly placed, however defensively the unit at the back with Barrett , Hicks and Walsh kept the Weston shooting circle tied up and with Sarah Lee linking well through mid-court Hucclecote continued their dominance leading 32-8 at half time.

Claire Richards took the court for the 3rd quarter at GD , Michael Iffil came on at Centre taking some great stretched balls and the shooting duo of Carly Taylor and Anna Joll took the GS /GA bibs respectively.  Hucclecote's error rate increased bringing the ball through court , but it was their defence again who kept turning over ball to keep their lead going at 42-14 at 3/4 time.

The final 15 reverted to Hallbrook and Taylor in the shooting circle and mid court back to where it started with Iffil, Lee and Walsh in mid-court.  With Barrett moved out to GD and Richards back to GK it was once again great defensive pressure that kept the flow of possession going through to the shooters.  The final score of 56-21 was a good win although their performance was not as outstanding as it should have been.

Coach Gilly Salter has shared the need to go back to basics working on clearing and reducing error rate when bringing the ball through court if they are to challenge top placed Plymouth on the 22nd March.

Overall though a good victory helping their goal average along the way.

Squad: Gemma Hallbrook, Anna Joll, Carly Taylor, Caroline Bedford,  Michaela Iffil, Sarah Lee, Kerry Walsh, Claire Richards, Jane Hicks (Capt) Rosie Barrett