Hucclecote took to the court in positive fashion today with Captain Jane Hicks having a storming game , dominanting and turning ball continually. This helped Hucclecoted to strike hard in the first 10 minutes helping conversion of ball through to the attack who scored consistently taking the score to 16-4 at quarter time.  Umpires on the day Dave Stringer and Karen Drake played the advantage well to aid the flow and speed of the game.

The 2nd quarter saw changes to allow the squad of 10 court time and this saw Anna Joll take GA place with Caroline Bedford on to WA.  The speed of the ball through court was fast paced however at times the final ball placement was not quite right allowing Weston Defence unit to pick up a few steals.  However, it was Hucclecote defence who worked tireslessly and with Barret, Hicks and Walsh staying tight, this kept the possession high and Hucclecote led 32-8 at half time.

With Claire Richards on to GD at 3/4 quarter time and Michaela Iffil switched to Centre,  defence through to mid-court played well.  However the change in the shooting circle of Taylor and Joll together took time to settle and although at times it was lightening paced, the opportunities were less and consistency lower than previous GS Hallbrooks 78% conversion rate during the first half.

Leading 42-14 at 3/4 time, the attack reverted back to the starting line up with Hallbrook, Taylor and Iffil, and with  Sarah Lee back to Centre, this created more open opportunities.  With Barrett switched out to GD and Richards to GK, defensively their worked hard to minimise Westons chances. The final score of 56-21 was a good win, however Coach Gilly Salter was disappointed with the overall performance lapses where errors and inconsistencies crept in. 

The focus for next weeks training will need to include working on clearing, final ball placement and consistency of shot.   With their top of the table challenge only a few weeks away (22nd March at Oxstalls University), Hucclecote have more to take on to ensure they get it right in the important games.

Squad:  G. Hallbrook, A. Joll, C. Taylor, C. Bedford, S. Lee, M iffil, K. Walsh, J. Hicks, C. Richard, R.  Barrett

Umpires:  Dave Stringe and Karen Drake    Scorers:  Maxine Buffin and Karen Preece