Hurricanes entered this game with a 14 goal deficit against a recently promoted Churchdown. Hurricanes were able to field a squad of 8 players today and lucky for us Michelle Dowle was part of our team having given birth to her son just 6 weeks ago. Hurricanes also welcomed newcomer Zoe Gresham into the defence.

Hurricanes started the first quarter confidently, with the untested shooting combination of Michelle at GS and Beth at GA slowly beginning to gel. Simone had a  very impressive first quarter at WD pressuring the opposition and turning over several balls. However, the controlled play that we initially started with soon became unravelled and silly errors crept in. The initial flow was disrupted and we allowed Churchdown back into the game, finishing the first quarter down 18-26 (but in real terms it was a quarter win of 18-12).

Ali came on 2nd quarter as WA and made an impact settling the attack, feeding the circle with accuracy – even taking a sneaky interception whilst defending! Play was much more controlled this quarter and we had a quarter win of 16-9 which took the Bateman score to within one, 34-35 in Churchdown’s favour.

Hurricanes shooters had a swap over at the start of the 3rd quarter, Emily retook the court as C and Michaela had a well deserved rest. However, despite shooting percentages of 93% in this quarter, play was erratic, with individual error rate the highest of the match so far. This in itself had a knock on effect to the game and flow was disrupted considerably, resulting in a very tentative Hurricane performance. At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was level at 49-49, Hurricanes narrowly taking the quarter by 1 goal. 

Changes were made at the start of the final quarter, Michaela came back on at C and Emily moved to WD, demonstrating her versatility as a centre court player. Ali confidently predicted a win by 6, but a better team performance in the 4th was needed to make this happen!

The defensive duo of Yas and Zoe stepped up the circle pressure, constricting Churchdown’s shooters to just 8 attempts (previous quarter attempts being 17,17 &19 respectively). This helped significantly, allowing Hurricanes nerves to dissipate slightly, allowing play to flow again. The first part of the last quarter was a little unsettled, with a few errors tempering the score line, but thankfully calm was restored and the final score was a win 65-57, with an individual quarter score of 16-8.


Shooting stats:

Michelle 22/33 = 67%

Beth 43/51 = 84%



Michelle Dowle, Beth Gabriel, Emily Steer, Alison Croad, Michaela Chiltern, Simone Ulyat, Zoe Gresham, Yas Falk.