Panthers 38 Challengers 9

Panthers set an amazing pace in the first 10 minutes with Katya Jennings back to her best after time out due to illness. Superb feeds from Meg Knight at WA were untouchable and  with the back unit of Alex Neilson, Tee Cowley and Katy Kalap putting added pressure on Challengers attack and shooting circle, Panthers led 13-2 at the first break.  

A new look attacking unit saw Paige Baker move to GS, Tash Young making her debut at GA and Eva Andrews on at WA.  This took a little time to gel however the link with Olivia Garrard end to end, and the back unit which now included Connie Trendle at GK kept the pressure tight and they still led 18-3 at half time restricting Challengers to just one goal.


Further changes were made enabling the whole squad court time, and Panthers consolidated their lead further to 24-5 although error rate was high due to the new combinations being tried.  The final 10 minutes saw Panthers step it up with some fast slick netball to goal and some fabulous defending as they ran away with the lead 38 goals to 9. 


Play of the match was awarded to Alex Neilson at WD and C who produced some outstanding interceptions and pressured throughout.  


Squad:  K. Jennings, P. Baker (C), T. Young, E. Andrews, M. Knight (VC), O. Garrard, A. Neilson, T. Cowley, K. Kalap, C. Trendle