Hucclecote Panthers produced outstanding form today when they played Stroud Eagles in the U.16 League. The lean squad of 8 had to pull in favours from U.16 players Maddie Pronini ,Charlotte Leeman and in addition had to utilise one of their  U.14 Players,  Ilana Turner, a specialist GA,  as they only had the bare 7 players initially.

Starting with Meg Knight out of position at GA, Panthers set the scene and dominated from the outset.  The defensive trio of Trendle at GK, Cowley GD, and Leeman at WD , pressured hard and this showed with Stroud only able to convert 3 goals during this phase.  Meanwhile, with Knight doing a great job at GA and linking well with Paige Baker at GS Hucclecote Panthers took a comfortable lead 12-3.  The second quarter saw the youngster Ilana Turner take the GA bib, and with great support from her older peers, she did really well, taking centre passes beautifully and scored some great shots.  Pronini`s vision and accuracy of passes to Paige Baker (Capt) at GS worked well and with Cowley at GD outstanding, Hucclecote extended their lead to 26-4 at half time.

Olivia Garrard moving position to  Centre for the 3rd quarter worked tirelessly dictating and turning ball , her speed and agility a real asset through court.  This helped Hucclecote continue to stamp their authority. Paige Baker at GS had an awesome game, and proved unstoppable netting goal after goal and the U.14 Ilana Turner impressed.  The team performance saw them excel as they played quick paced, exciting netball end to end taking the score to 36-8 at 3/4 time with some fine umpiring by Kirsty Hughes and Janet Stephens.

Their dominant play continued through to the final quarter, where both Tiara Cowley and Paige Baker, earned joint Player of the Match for outstanding performances at both ends of the court. The final score 48 – 9. The squad of 8 were a delight to watch and will without a doubt be looking to take the Gloucestershire League Title.  Thanks to Janey Garrard Team Manager and Emma Leeman for supporting on the day as Team Manager and Scorer.

Squad:  P Baker (Capt), I Turner, M Knight, O Garrard, M. Pronini, C. Leeman, T Cowley, C. Trendle