Hucclecote firebirds vs Cirencester Phoenix      32-9

Great game, and great win! We worked tirelessly hard throughout the game in both attack and defence. As a team we gained 30 turnovers! 
In defence Dani and Macey were on fire, turning ball constantly and keeping their players out of the shooting circle.
Elsa and Bethan both were very strong WD keeping their WA immobile and preventing their feeds to be accurate into the circle.
Maddy was a calm and collected center, putting the pressure on in defence and bringing ball through court all the way onto circle edge.
Annabelle showed her great versatility by making a huge impact on whatever position she was on.
Bethany had a great game, with her feeds into Ilana and Molly accurate and safe.
Ilana and molly worked brilliantly with Ilana at 85% and molly creating perfect space for her teammates.

Well done girls!