Hucclecote Firebirds Vs Challengers Sparkles 31-21

Another win! This could of been a bigger goal difference with the amount of talent we had on our squad, but the good thing is we now know where we need to work on, such as through court plays.
I feel this was a whole squad performance with everyone showing commitment to whatever position they were on even if out of their 1st choice position. Also, what was great to see was players playing for each other, clearing out to make space, driving  in hard and communicating. 
Dani and Macy had great rotation inside the circle preventing that easy ball in.
Challengers WA was a very strong player so all the WD who was on: Amelie, Bethan and Elsa did a great job of tracking her down and restricting her movement. 
Maddy showed her amazing stamina by playing a much needed steady center for the entire game.
Molly and Bethany had amazing movement losing their players on center passes and bringing ball to circle edge.
Francesca and Ilana were an amzing duo, balancing the circle at all times with great shooting stats, Ilana: 83% and Francesca:80%.
Super well done on getting 2nd in the table, well deserved!!