Hucclecote Comets vs Jupiter Saturday 7th October 2017


Saturday saw the second match of this newly formed and young Regional 2 squad take on Jupiter at home. Having had a good win the week before, it was evident there was some confidence within the squad. At training we had worked on double play from a lateral ball, however with some players absent from training due to Severn Stars commitments, not all the squad had worked on this.

The starting line-up saw Megan as GS, Emily GA, Mitzi WA, Darcy C, Tee WD, Harriet at GD and Meryl as GK. Mitzi took the captain’s role this week in Elaine’s absence. Alex and Georgie were on the bench.

Comets started strongly, dominating in attack and finding Megan with ease. At times we still struggled to drive the second phase ball from the centre pass into the shooting third but patience meant this did not restrict our opportunities to goal. Jupiter’s WA was creating opportunities with careful timing to receive the ball with a back space drive and the GS’smovement was so well timed that the attack were able topenetrate the ball through. However, despite this as a team we were successful in delaying Jupiter’s play, often holding them to three seconds and forcing the ball off the side line / goal line due to the pressure from Comets. We finished the quarter with an impressive 20-4 lead, despite a funny five minutes in the attacking end.

The line-up remained the same for the second quarter to allow some more fluency in performance. As a squad we wanted to improve our depth bringing the ball down court and attempt to put the double lead from lateral play, into action. Mitzi achieved this early on in the quarter which was captured on video and shared on twitter. This was exactly what we had focused on at training so extremely pleasing to see players working to incorporate this in to their play. Defensively, Tee and Harriet were a force, stealing possession at any given opportunity and maintaining control of the transition back to attack, a big improvement from the previous week. Elaine’s rebounding restricted Jupiter’s shooters to further attempts and another great quarter was had with Megan scoring 15/15 and Emily scoring 7/8 attempts. The score at half time was 42-8.

The third quarter saw Alex move in to GA and Georgie on to C to make their debuts at this level for HNC. Alex immediately brought assertive speed into the game but the fluency of the attack was not quite as it had been in the first half. The new combinations took some time to settle with many unforced errors creeping into play. However the defensive work of the team with a particular focus on aggressive arms over the ball to dictate play, helped to force the error and regain possession quickly. This quarter the opposition only scored three goals and in attack we scored 17, a few less than the previous quarters.

The score line provided an opportunity to assess alternative combinations in case of injury or illness in the season. Megan moved to GK, Georgie to WA with Darcey in the middle, and Alex and Emily worked together in the shooting circle with Alex at the back. Two very fast and agile shooters had to work together to assess when to move and when to hold. Georgie made some good tips in this quarter and after a few minutes Megan relaxed at the back and intercepted a few balls which were converted to goal.

The match finished with HNC winning 74-17. This was a great match to see different combinations but to also try a few things out without too much pressure. However, looking at the stat sheet as a squad the error rate was far higher in this less pressurised game, than the highly contested match before. 

Shooting stats:

Megan 90% (three quarters)

Emily 77% (three quarters)

Alex 72% (half)

Jupiters player of the match – Tee (GK, GD)

Players player of the match  Harriet, Tee and Mitzi (GK, GD)

Coaches player – Harriet (GD)