Hucclecote Comets vs Trident Saturday 21st October 2017


Following the previous weeks disappointment, Hucclecoteorganised an additional training session to work on set plays and improving the intensity of the warm up to prepare them for any opposition. This had an immediate impact with Hucclecote beginning this match strongly, taking an immediate lead. Alex combined with Megan in the shooting circle and both players immediately had a positive start securing opportunities at goal. Hucclecote looked confident and Mitzi and Darcy linked well to drive the ball to the circle edge to look for the easy feed into the shooting circle. Tee, Harriet and Elaine worked relentlessly at the back and forced Trident to make errors and enabled Comets to regain and capitalize from possession. However, when Trident found opportunity to penetrate the circle edge and feed the shooter, they were very effective. The shooter was on form and a solidtarget for their centre court players to feed. Comets finished the quarter with a 19-11 lead. 

The target now was to try to restrict opportunities to feed the ball to the shooter. Harriet and Elaine switched roles to see if that was going to have any impact. Although many errors were still forced, Comets continued to struggle to break down the feed to the shooter who was able to show versatility in her movement and hold, and was very effective in the air. 

In attack Comets still worked well but errors were beginning to creep into the shooting circle and the wrong choices were being made to penetrate the ball through. This led to hesitation and further errors by HucclecoteThis enabled Trident to reduce their deficit and finish this quarter 32-27, closing the gap by two goals.

A change in line up saw Emily come on as GA, and Georgie at WA. Emily worked relentlessly and found Megan with ease, however play through court from the attack became disrupted and lacked fluency. This was not a surprise with players still not having had much court time together and not having much time together at training due to the Severn Stars training clashing with HNC training. Tee really came in to her own this quarter and played with confidence and determination. Many crucial intercepts were made and capitalised but opportunities were restricted for Hucclecoteand Trident closed the gap by a further goal by the end of the quarter. The score was now 42-38.

It was clear the last quarter was going to be tough with Trident pushing for a come backHucclecote’s target was to work relentlessly to build goals in threes and to really focus on the first phase defence through court, particularly on centre passes. Darcy and Mitzi recombined in centre court but with Darcy at WA to allow some fresher legs in the middle by Darcy as Mitzi had worked relentlessly at Centre all match. The pressure was building and adrenaline was running through, with Trident continuing to turn the ball and convert. With 4 minutes to go, the score was level at 47-47. This was the first time Hucclecote had been in this position and the match now required calm play to transition the ball safely. Hucclecote maintained control and when an opportunity arrived, they were able to keep the ball safe and take it to goal, pushing them back in to the lead. With a centre pass in hand and an excellent game of shooting from Megan, the next goal came, keeping Hucclecote in the lead. A tense last quarter but Hucclecote secured a win 54-52 and demonstrated resilience under pressure.

Trident’s player of the match – Tee (WD)

Players player of the match  Tee (WD) and Megan (GS)

Coaches player – Megan (GS)