Hucclecote Comets vs Imperial Romans 25th November 2017


This Saturday saw Comets come out against Imperial Romans, sitting above HNC in the table. The starting line upsaw Megan at GS, Emily GA, Mitzi as WA, Darcey at C,  Georige at WD, Harriet at GD and Elaine (captain) at GK, supported by Tee, Alex and Meryl on the bench.

Following last weeks upset, Comets were determined to learn from the mistakes made and make this a win. Although last week was a disappointing loss, it was clear it had given confidence to the squad that they could take on and challenge all teams within this league.

Comets started strongly, as did Romans. It was noticeable from the start, this was to be another physical game, with players contesting for the ball in all areas of the court. Romans intense pressure forced Comets to make too many poor passes, particularly within the attacking third and give Romans an early lead. In defence, we needed to focus on making the attack hesitate in their decision making. Elaine was tasked to show variety in her open and closed body position, to put doubt into the feeders head regarding where the attacking space was. 

However as the end of the quarter approached, the squad understood that patience was needed, and reversing the ball was a strategy that was going to help not force the ball into the D. As a squad, the strategy was to keep the opposition high up court and particularly apply pressure on the first and second phase of the centre pass. Romans were at this stage, 2 goals up.

Moments in to the second quarter, Emily went down with an ankle injury, forcing her to leave the court. Alex, was tasked to step in and take ownership of the GA bib. It was a nervous start, but after five minutes, Alex settled and found Megan in the goal third. Defensively Elaine and Harriet worked relentlessly and with defensive pressure throughout, more balls were forced off the shooters goal line.

As the game progressed, Comets began to close the gap and were reminded of building goals in units of three to help steal the lead. Tee came on at WD and brought an instant calmness and control when bringing the ball through court. Darcey was asked to close the Centre’s space from ball release, which instantly created more pressure when applied. Meryl joined Harriet in the back and instantly was able to interrupt the flow of the feed to the goal shooter. As the quarter progressed to, Comets were interrupted 4 times in the desire to hit a run of three. However, with relentless focus and more confidence in the shooting circle, a run of three goals was achieved, taking Comets into the lead for the first time in the match. Comet’s finished the quarter 44-40 in the lead.

Not wanting a similar outcome to the week before, Comets knew mental strength was what was needed. A few moments of panic crept into play but resilience and focus helped Comets maintain the lead till the final whistle. Comets won the game 57-52.

A fantastic win and the first game of the season where it was a strong team performance with all players linking well and playing a valuable role in the success. 


Imperial Royals player of the match – Alex (GA)

Players player of the match  Mitzi (WA)

Coaches player – Mitzi (WA)