Hucclecote Comets vs Mavericks Saturday 6th December 2018


Saturday saw the second match of the season against Mavericks, this time awayHaving had our first training session all together on a Thursday due to the absence of Stars training, we were able to prepare with some shooter to shooter work, and conditioned match play.

We remembered the physicality of this team and how close the first match had started so it was key for Comets to go out confident and hard, remembering the successes over the course of the season. Comets started with intensity and purpose and took an immediate strong lead against a very surprised and unprepared Mavericks. Alex and Megan utilised the shooter to shooter work well and despite the defensive pressure from Mavericks, Comets were not to be disrupted. However, it was apparent that it was becoming increasingly difficult for the centre court to come into flow, with the defence of Harriet at GD and Tee at WD having to do a lot of the work bringing the ball through. Mitzi and Darcey worked kept working at their maximum to outwit the defence but were being physically challenged by Mavericks. Comet finished the quarter with a strong lead and a positive mindset.

The second quarter the line up remained the same but Mavericks made a few changes which had an immediate impact. Comet’s play was instantly disrupted and Mavericks shooters started to make more of an impact, securing opportunities that were presented. Mavericks were fighting back and Comet’s and the Comets’ support were beginning to look and sound nervous. The gap continued to close and the Goal Keeper was making life increasingly difficult for Megan at GS. 

At the end of the half, Alex moved back to GS to keep the defence guessing and teamed up with Emily, still coming back from injury. On the bench Megan was able to observe the GK closely and consider the best strategy for going back on against her in the last quarter. Georgie moved into WD with fresh legs to close down the WA’s play making ability and help with the disruption bringing the ball through court. 

Harriet and Meryl continued to be a dominant force in defence, making crucial steals against a well-timed and physical shooting duo. However, the centre court were still being challenged to find the front space and reverting to back space options which Maverick where quick to intercept. Despite this Mitzi and Darcy had moments of excellence due to their resilient nature and determined approach to do their job. Without this mindset, opportunities to goal could have been seriously impacted for Comets.

At the end of the third quarter, Mavericks had closed the gap to just one and were looking in complete control of the game. A determined team talk was needed to alter the mind-set of the players and revert to our game plan. The task now was to build goals in threes and to delay the speed of ball into the shooting D from Mavericks centre pass to put pressure on for a steal. Comets went out determined and worked to task. Mavericks first centre pass took 5 passes before entrance to the D which Meryl intercepted. The following two centre passes, Mavericks were held to 7 passes and again forced errors for Comets to regain possession and secure a run of three. Comets were back on form and came back fighting. They had an impressive run of 7 goals (the most they have secured all season), and didn’t allow a Maverick centre pass to enter the D within 4 passes. Georgie had her quarter of the season so far by taking steal after steal and making life difficult for the WA. Emily and Megan brought anther attacking strategy for Mavericks defence to deal with and the changes helped to disrupt their defensive game plan. thrilling and exceptional performance by all with Comets stretching the lead to an exception win of 44-32, having been only one up before the quarter. An amazing start to 2018 which has now put Comets in place of Mavericks in the table, with Comets in second place. 


Mavericks player of the match – Mitzi (WA)

Players player of the match  Georgie (WD)

Coaches player – Georgie (WD)