Hucclecote 51 – The Downs 42


HNC Prem travelled to Guildford to take on The Downs who came down from PL1 last season. As a squad we knew the game would be a closer battle than last week but were confident entering the game.


With some injured players missing we were down to a squad of 8. The first quarter saw HNC come out of the blocks quickly CP to goal was fast and we quickly went 3 up with The Downs failing to respond. They soon adjusted and as goals were exchanged The Downs edged back into the game bringing it back to a 12-12 scoreline. On our CP we were composed and managed to clinch a goal to end the quarter 1 up.


The second quarter was now going to be closely contested battle. With both teams playing some fast paced netball the score stayed close HNC hit a 3 goal run due to superb shooting from Rosie Allison and turnovers from the defensive end. We were beginning to gain the advantage. However, during pressure moments, the errors crept in and The Downs responded with their own run on goal. 23-23.


Some half time changes saw Sarah Adams go to WD and Laura Tildesley move up to WA. With both team’s shooter’s firing on all cylinders the score line stayed close with no team giving much away. In the latter stages HNC remained composed when it mattered and crept ahead 36-32 to Cote.


The game was still open to either team. With Sam Cook and Ella P-D switching roles for the last 15 minutes we made The Downs work hard to get the ball through their attacking third. Effective set ups defending their CP saw Lauren Brookes pick off 1st phase ball. These interceptions were taken care off and quickly we had gone 5 up. The momentum stayed with HNC during this last quarter and we displayed a controlled and clinical style of play. We played the game out with short sharp passing and great vision from the attacking unit.


Final score: 51-42

Mizuno Player: Lauren Brookes

Oppostion Player: Thea Thompson


Squad: R.Allison (CC), T.ThompsonS.O’DwyerS.AdamsL.BrookesL.TildesleyE.Powell-Davies, S.Cook (CC).