HNC 35 v CLAN 43


All good things come to an end and this was the case for HNC Prem’s winning run.  Having good knowledge of Clan, we always knew it would be a tight contest. Sadly, with injury impacting availability we really would have to be on top of our game.


The first quarter started well. With Rosie Allison and Thea Thompson shooting well and Cote established a 11-6 lead. Hucclecote played with confidence and things looked promising. As we started the 2nd quarter HNC went out hard scoring 4 goals on the bounce with no response from Clan. With the scoreline at 15 – 6 it felt like HNC had control. With the experience of Sammi Perry at GD and some real gutsy play from the Clan WD they did not give up. Clan fought back hard and dug in to put 6 goals on Hucclecote which was a definite game changer. By half time more goals had been exchanged at the score rested at 20 – 14 in Cotes favour.


The third quarter would have to be clinical and committedfrom Hucclecote. Clan were keeping themselves in the game and were certainly gaining momentum. Another 3 quick goals bought HNC more breathing space and perhaps this lulled them into a false sense of security. Clan stepped up and began to play with real flair and moved the ball fast through court. A change to their GA proved effective as she used pace and accuracy to hit 8 out of 9 attempts. This surge continued from Clan as they notched up 8 goals with no response from HNC. For the first time all game Clan had edged ahead 27 – 33.


With new combinations on court for Cote due to our injures / absences we really needed to pull together to get back ahead. At times in the last quarter we showed grit and pulled the score back to 35-39. However, at critical moments we lost possession with unforced errors created from good mid court defence from Clan. Clan closed out the game with another run of 5 which sealed the deal. For extended times during the game HNC were in control and looked the better team. We did get caught out at times by not stepping up to close down Clan’s flow. 


Squad: R. Allison (C), T.Thompson, H.Hynes, L.Brookes, L.Tildesley, L. Jones, Y.Hodge-England, B.Tildesley, E.Powell-Davies, B.Gabriel