HNC 65 – Turnford 46

After an early start, and detour due to a closed M4, the squad of 8 arrived and were ready to go. With players suffering with illness we were geared up for a close battle.


The first quarter started well with HNC securing 3 quick goals leaving Turnford immediately on the back foot. Although they worked well to find their shooter George Fisher, Turnford’s flow was disrupted by the defensive duo of Sam Cook and Ella Powell Davies who worked hard to shut down the leads being made. The quarter score ended 17 – 11 to HNC. The 2ndquarter started pretty evenly with both teams exchanging goals. With HNC under instruction to play smart we demonstrated good patience when moving the ball in the attacking third. This clinical approach proved hard for Turnford to breakdown and Cote surged ahead with a 7 goal run. Half time score 36-21.


Entering the 3rd Quarter Kellie Hull took up the GK position with Sam Cook moving out to GD. HNC stuck to task and were displaying the consistency that had been lacking in previous games. When possession was one care was taken and this allowed more 3 goal runs. With the score 47 – 28 Turnford stepped up a gear. With S Rushton now shooting for Turnford they were suddenly able to find her with ease. Some lapses in concentration in our attacking end suddenly saw Turnford gain momentum. They ran with this and secured 7 goals on the bounce with no response from Cote. Fortunately,we were saved by the whistle.


HNC needed to gain the upper hand and be more disciplined. With the original line up back in place it was time to close out the game. With Turnford turning up the physicality of the game HNC remained undeterred and pushed on. Feeds into an ‘on fire’ Rosie Allison were accurate and the circle work of Thea Thompson complimented this. Final changes saw Hull back to GK and Cook finishing out the game at GA. The versatility of the squad shone and a convincing final quarter stamped Cotes authority on the game.


Squad: R. Allison (c), T.Thompson, S.O’Dwyer, S.Adams, L.Brookes, S. Cook (c), E. Powell-Davies, K.Hull.


Shooting Stats: Allison 52/57 = 91% Thompson 3/18 = 72%

Mizuno POM Thea Thompson