Bath Pull Plug on Stars Unbeaten Run



Hucclecote Stars   40 /  Team Bath A    45


This match is always considered a local derby at this level of netball and is played in a slightly different vain as it means so much to both teams.

Hucclecote’s first match at home and with the Prem playing away at Ryland Stars were able to utilize the Cheltenham College Sports hall before the game to have a quick practice session. Unfortunately with the clashes of training programmes with the new Severn Stars franchise this team rarely train together and are just expected to pull big play off on the day and this days play was one of those !!!!

Bath last season had got better and better as the season had gone on and although Stars had beaten them at season start, it was a different story in the return encounter Bath winning this game 55/43 at the Uni sports village. Stars had already secured the runners up position in the South West Regional 1 League 2016/17 before this game was played so only pride was at stake !

With the return of Bryony Smith and Becky Lewis on the bench Coach Gabriel had a few more playing options.

Warmed up and ready to go the 1pm centre pass got the game going .

Hucclecote’s starting 7 were GS=Beth Gabriel, GA=Jane Taylor, WA=Helen Hynes, C=Felicity Elvidge, WD=Bryony Smith, GD=Isabella Robinson, GK=Lydia Jones, Reserves Brooke Vivian, Katie Cruickshank, Becky Lewis and Jac Gabriel.

The first quarter could only be described as manic, frantic, untidy, messy, uncontrolled, physical, wild and both teams lucky to have scored 12 goals each !

It was really hard to pick out what was going right and what was going wrong on both sides but one thing was for sure everybody was up for it !!!

Team Bath have two very tall sisters , one each end of the court.  Lydia was doing a great job on Hannah Passmore at GS getting in front of her and launching high towards the skies or keeping her pinned against the back line stopping the over head drop balls, whilst Jane and Beth were working hard around Holly Passmore at GK.

2nd quarter just saw a change around in the defensive structure with Izzytaking the WD bib of Bryony, Lydia coming out to GD and Katie at GK .

Just a little more settled and a bit more control saw Hucclecote take a very slight advantage during this period of the game, goals were flowing and some more sensible play happening. There was nobody shinning as an outstanding player but the mid court were having a fair battle to get the ball through court and Felicity (Flick) wasn’t quite as controlling as normal.

Quarter end and the half time score was 22/19 to Hucclecote.

The team talk for stars was to keep their heads and make sure and look after our centre passes then build on anything else.

The 3rd quarter saw Bath bring on Elisha New a fantastic player who had played for Hucclecote Stars all last season , now we knew we had a fight on our hands .

As Bath edged a lead the volume of the following supporters started to rise.

A change was needed to calm things down so Helen called a time out and Brooke Vivian with a point to prove stood up to the plate. This immediately stopped the Bath onslaught and with Brooke knowing the centre she was able to use her knowledge to good advantage.

Our tiger in defense Lydia had worked her socks off trying to disrupt Bath’s attack and in doing so had injured her hand with a severe stubbing of her 3rd finger left hand , although she had to come off court primary carer Taylor set about getting her injury, treating it with his healing handsand the aid of an ice pack ! he had her ready for action again later in the game . With a quick re-shuffle of the defense Bryony took to the court at WD and played her  heart out preventing any more ball getting to the “D”.

Quarter end saw Bath now with the advantage leading 34/29

The 4th quarter was played out with the same outcome as the first a draw with both teams scoring 11 goals each , so the final out come was for Hucclecote to take a 5 goal lose thus depriving them of the extra bonus point  available by 1 goal, a real blow for all the bench after fighting so hard to keep the game tight.

Bath’s victory you could say was a Hucclecote victory as the team awarded the oppositions player of the match to 

X-Hucclecote’s Elisha New for her distinct impact she brought to the court during the 3rd quarter of the game .


Oppositions Player of the match  - Felicity Elvidge ( Flick )

Squad –

Beth Gabriel , Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes (captain), Felicity Elvidge, Lydia Jones, Izzy Robinson, Brooke Vivian, Becky Lewis, Katie Cruickshank, Bryony Smith. 


Players Player -  Brooke Vivian / Jane Taylor


Coaches Player – Lydia Jones 

Coach Jac Gabriel

Manager – Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer – Andrew Taylor