Match Report 22-10-17


Exeter go North in the league as Stars go South


Hucclecote Stars  30  /  Exeter  54


The M5 is a very familiar road for Hucclecote Stars this season already ! This trip was to the southern most exitand around Exeter town to the University Sports Park.

The last time Hucclecote Stars came up against Exeter was the first game back after the Christmas break earlier this year and the game was played at a neutral venue Plymouth University St Marks and St Johns. A game Stars remember well with the score line 38/38 in the last quarter, the game was won in the dying moments of the match by Stars with a couple of converted intercepts, but the game had been a battle royal.

Exeter finished their season off getting stronger and stronger and they had started this season off with an unbeaten record of 3 out of 3 wins so far.

The Stars ship had lost it’s rudder this week with no Coach Jac Gabriel along with a few key players due to higher commitmentswe were still fielding a talented line up with 2 new reserves.

Exeter’s sports halls are always very cool so a good warm up is essential and once warm it is important to stay warm between quarters.

Starting 7 were Brooke Vivian GS, Jane Taylor GA, Helen Hynes WA (C) Becky Lewis C, Bryony Smith WD, Lydia Jones GD and Issabella Robinson GK , on the bench we had 2 very young up and coming stars Harriet Sanderson and Alex Baird although nervous being drafted up to Regional 1 they were also very excited and ready to play.

Stars new straight from the first centre pass this game was going to be a tough match, Exeter had strength, depth and height throughout the court and Coach Denise Elis had a very well drilled side.

Stars worked hard and converted 10 goals by the end of the first quarter, Exeter had netted 4 more so the score stood at 10/14.

With no coach available Helen Hynes player/coach/captain stood up to the plate and was to try and get the best out of the players available. Decisionsmade not to make any changes and to try and close down the mid court to stop Exeter’s flowing rhythm.

2nd quarter saw Stars chasing the ball around court and Exeter again taking the upper hand. Stars did fight back well with Bryony Smith really making a nuisance of herself in the WD bib as were all the defensive trio. Intercepts were being made but just not getting converted. Brooke Vivian was shooting under a lot of pressure from two very experienced tall defensive players. The score line at half time was 16/24 toExeterwhich was still a respectable score and definitely within range.

With young fresh legs on the bench Harriet Sanderson took the WD bib to experience the Regional 1 level and Bryony took over the centre court duties from Becky Lewis.

3rd quarter was a quarter that Stars would prefer to forget as they were finding it hard to compete with the slick flowing movement of Exeter and their shooter was popping in goals from anywhere in the “D”. With Brooke struggling to get her accuracy on goal around the strength defence Alex Baird was brought onto court to have a go, a big ask of a young player but she stood up and netted a couple of good goals working well with Jane Taylor at goal attack.

Quarter end and Exeter were now looking like depriving Hucclecote of the bonus losing point with score line at 23/42

Every Star player on court was giving everything but things were just were not gelling and Exeter were capitalising on every weakness.

4th and last quarter, mission to retain the bonus point and try and get some fluent play going. Try Stars did but Exeter seemed to be able to disrupt all attempts of attack from mid court on.

With the game score line very tight to losing the bonus point captain Helen Hynes took the decision to substituteherself at WA and shake up the positions on court a bit ,Brooke moved to WA and Bryony took control of the centre bib. This turned out to be a great decision by the captain as this upset Exeter’s flow and Hucclecote were able to get the all important goals securing the point final score was 30/54.

A tough game played hard learning a lot with nobody dropping their work rate .


Oppositions Player of the match – Lydia Jones


Players Player – Bryony Smith  / Lydia Jones


Benches Player – Harriet Sanderson / Alex Baird  (For stepping up !)


Squad –

Brooke Vivian, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes (captain), Becky Lewis, Bryony Smith, Lydia Jones, IssabellaRobinson, Harriet Sanderson, Alex Baird


Coach – Helen Hynes 

Manager – Sarah Taylor 

Primary Carer – Andrew Taylor