Hucclecote Stars 34 / Aquarians 43


This the 4th long distance away match this season saw Hucclecote Stars travel down to Bournemouth to take on the undefeated Aquarians.

Aquarians had won the South West Regional 1 league last season beating Hucclecote Stars into 2nd place with a winner takes all game in Bournemouth which Hucclecotehad struggled to compete with a strength Aquarians side with home advantage and huge support .

The line up Aquarians were fielding today was exactly the same as they had finished their season with so strength and depth throughout the court.

Likewise Hucclecote Stars are now developing a talented strength side with a lot of youth throughout the court positions , each game played these new Stars are nowstarting to cement a great unit together and are a pleasure to watch play.

With Coach Jac Gabriel back on board to steer the ship and returning players Felicity Elvidge and Beth Gariel a full strength side was warming up on court.

All warmed up and ready to go but unfortunately unable to as one of the umpires was late to arrive !!. Eventually after a 2nd warm up the game got underway.

Starting 7 were Beth Gabriel GS, Jane Taylor GA, Helen Hynes (capt) WA, Felicity Elvidge C, 

Bryony Smith WD, Lydia Jones GD, Issabella Robinson GK, also 2 very keen reserves in Brooke Vivian and Becky Lewis.

1st Quarter and Stars really turned up the heat and let Aquarians know they had come to compete.

Knowing Aquarians team set up so well Stars were able to close down their game and force errors and turn over ball , some of these were capitalised on and some were not . A good competitive quarter had been played and the score line stood at 9/7 to the Aquatic Southerners .

No changes going into the the 2nd quarter just to keep the pressure on the Aquarians shooting circle with the mother and daughter duo really shooting well but sometimes with a whole lot of Lydia Jones in the way !

Hucclecotes mid court were working well with captain Helen Hynes at WA making sure the netball passed fluently through court to Jane and Beth in the attacking “D”. 

Aquarians defence are as strong as their attack with another mother daughter duo knowing one anothersmoves making life very difficult for Hucclecotesshooters pushing both Jane and Beth to have

 to shoot long effecting their accuracy.

Quarter end and Aquarians had pushed a 2 goal lead to a 5 goal lead the sore now 22/17.

Considering the hyding Hucclecote had taken from Exeter 2 weeks previous this score line against the league leaders was really something.

Lots of re-hydration and plenty of advise from Coach Jacthe team was still looking strong so no changes made ,Aquarians made one change at GA giving daughter Lucinda Leaton a rest, this was not going to phase our defense trio. Bryony Smith had been working her socks off at WD trying to upset the transition of Aquarians ballthat much so they were now throwing a lot of cross court passes to try and get around her, this was opening up the possible intercept  options.

This quarter saw Stars play their best netball squaring up to the Aquarians and there was nothing between the sides goal for goal, turnover for turnover and a well matched set of players.

Eventually Hucclecote took the quarter by 1 goal narrowing the Aquarians lead to only 4 goals the score now stood at 33/29.

All to play for in the last quarter but it wasn’t to be Hucclecotes day as Aquarians stepped up their game with fresh legs from their reserves bench and the rested Leaton back at GA it just proved too strong for the Stars who had thrown everything at them in the 3rd , a few changes were tried in mid court and Felicity and Brooke certainly slowed the Aquarians attack but even the bonus losing point slipped out of Stars reach as the game drew to a close.

Final score was 43/34 which was not a true reflection of a great game played at speed.

This Stars team should be proud of their performance as Aquarians were pushed to their limits and they knew it.

Player of the match was awarded to Jane Taylor by the opposition showing great determination against Aquarians strength defense.

Travelling this far south it was time to hit the beach so Izzy and Jane made the most of the sunshine and sand at Bournemouth and wrote in large letters on the beach “Hucclecote Stars were here and 

would be back” so all could see !!!!


Player of the match = Jane Taylor

Coaches Player = Bryony Smith

Squad =

Beth Gabriel, Jane Taylor, Felicity Elvidge, Bryony Smith, Helen Hynes (capt), Lydia Jones, IssabellaRobinson, Brooke Vivian, Becky Lewis.


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Lynne Vivian

Primary carer = Andrew Taylor