Stars Sink Plymouth Ship in the Harbour


Hucclecote Stars  59  /  Plymouth Pilgrims  40



This the furthest travelled game of the season saw an early start for all the Stars players.

Coach Jac Gabriel was running a small mini bus family car full of players down the M5 along with Izzy’s mum Rachel transporting the rest.

Brooke Vivian was not trusting trains this week so had travelled to Plymouth the day before to ensure she wasn’t “late” again!!!!

The venue for this game is a really new modern type building with the sports hall on the top floor with views over Plymouth harbour from the viewing gallery.

Plymouth had had a few wins this season and pushed a few clubs to close contested loses so strength and determination was throughout this team.

Stars team talk and tatics done by coach Jac so onto warm up led by a fit and healthy captain Helen Hynes.

Starting 7 were Beth Gabriel GS, Jane Taylor GA, Helen Hynes (c) WA, Brooke Vivian C, Bryony Smith WD, Izzy Robinson GD, Katie Cruickshank GK, on the bench and also coaching was Jac Gabriel she was the only available reserve the Stars had for this long distance game.

So the brief was to play hard, play well, no risks and above all no injuries!!!

1st quarter Stars were out to get some air between the sides by pushing a hard and fast pace game.

Plymouth had strength in their defence and attack but the youth and fitness of Hucclecote shone as they took control of the game and started to slot goals.

Beth and Jane were working well in the shooting ‘D’ with Jane making some great draws on their defence, the umpires were penalising her opposite number on many occasions for contact and obstruction. This really upset the Pilgrims defence structure and as the game went on eventually they received cautions for this play!!

By the first quarter end Stars had a 7 goal lead 17/10 so a great start and the team were working well.

With the team bench only numbering 7 there were no changes going into the second quarter just advise to keep the ball passes safe and again no injuries. Brooke had us holding our breath as she collided with her opposite number both falling in a heap on the court floor but luckily both players were unhurt.

As the team knew they were on court form the full hoursplay they seemed to really gel and some really nice passages of play were being played. You could see Beth was really comfortable in the GS bib slotting goals with ease, where as Jane was thriving on making the Plymouth defence work so hard trying to catch her ducking and diving and driving in and out of the attacking “D”.

By half time Hucclecote had stretched their lead to 10 goals with the score standing at 32/22 to Stars.

The 3rd quarter was the time to step on the throttle and speed the game up and that is just what Stars did.

Every sector of the court saw Hucclecote players excel, with the defence trio of Katie, Izzy and Bryony really putting pressure on the youthful Plymouth shooters, Izzy had played a stormer of a game really getting under her opponents skin and causing lots of forced errors which were snapped up and sent through the reliable mid courts hands of Brooke and Helen to the accurate duo of Beth and Jane who had run Plymouth’s defence ragged whilst keeping their shooting stats really high, this gave Stars a huge lead by quarter end 20 goals to be exact so the score line now stood at 48/28 to Hucclecote.

Last quarter and I think there was a lot of pride at stake for Plymouth Pilgrims because they upt their game ten fold during the last 15 minutes, I do think that Stars did also take their foot off the gas too!!

The two sides were now only trading goals for goals and the number of intercepts and turnovers had fallen dramatically.

Hucclecote’s bare 7 had given 100% on court and a little fatigue was now creaping in but the game was in the bag !.

The final quarter was won by Plymouth by 1 goal so a moral victory was won by them but it hardly put a dent in the final score Hucclecote winning 59/40.

The opposition nominated and awarded player of the match to Jane Taylor for her shear energy around the shooting circle.

Players player and coaches player went to Izzy Robinson for her huge presence in defence really destroying her oppositions confidence in shooting.


Player of the match = Jane Taylor

Players player = Izzy Robinson

Coaches player = Izzy Robinson


Squad = Beth Gabriel, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes, Brooke Vivian, Bryony Smith, Izzy Robinson, Katie Cruickshank.


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor