Match Report 07-01-18


Stars Shine Bright over Almondsbury


Hucclecote Stars 59 / Almondsbury 26


With the  Christmas break behind us it was time for the Hucclecote Stars players  to knuckle down and burn off those mince pies and festive food !

This game against Almondsbury was the first match of 2018  and the start of the 2nd leg of the South West Regional league matches . Everybody had now played everybody once so these were the return games and regardless of the first round scores no game was to be taken for granted as teams change and improvement are made !!

Stars had played Almondsbury right down in Paignton at a neutral first game venue first time around resulted in a convincing victory to Hucclecote 57/35, so to be meeting them again at another neutral venue (STV Bath Uni )nobody had the home advantage and more disappointingly “No after match teas ! “.

Hucclecote had travelled with a strong squad of 9 players and 1 player/coach Jac but there was a distinct absence of one noisey influential character of the team Jane Taylor ! still recovering from an early December ankle injury, also missing were the safe hands of Bryony Smith tied to another commitment. With one Taylor missing another one stepped into the breach namely older sister Catherine, home from Uni over xmas not quite so noiseyand  unfortunately“left Handed” ( in house home joke ! ).

Warmed up and advice given from Coach Jac Gabriel the starting 7 were Brooke Vivian GS, Beth Gabriel GA, Helen Hynes WA captain, Felicity Elvidge C, Katie Cruickshank WD, Lydia Jones GD, Izzy Robinson GK on the bench was a very battered and bruised Becky Lewis alongside Catherine Taylor ready to take to court at any point of the game.

1st quarter saw a fiery start by both teams with both sets of shooters shooting accurately and trading goal for goal up until about 5 goals each then Stars suddenly got the better of all three phases of court. 

Defence duo Lydia Jones GD and Izzy Robinson GK started to gell reading the oppositions attack play and disrupting numerous feeds into the circle , Lydia was picking off intercept after intercept and sending the ball back down court where Beth and Brooke were making sure the turn overs counted  significantly stretching the score line with some accurate shooting.

Quarter end and the score was 16/9 in Hucclecotesfavour.

2nd quarter saw coach Jac make one change at WD with Becky Lewis taking over duties from Katie Cruickshank, this enabled Becky to try and run off  a few of her horse riding fall accident injures “battered and bruised but not broken ! “

Almondsbury only had a bench of 8 players so not a lot to work with as Hucclecote Stars kept up the pressure generated in the first.

Mid court were working well with captain Helen Hynes WA controlling some superb feeds into the “D” and with Beth and Brooke finding it hard to miss the goals just kept coming. 

Half time and Stars had increased the score line to 31/14.

With a nice healthy lead coach Jac could give Catherine Taylor a chance to show her defensive skills in the WD bib , with a lul in the University BUCS league over Christmas she needed to stretch those legs and arms before her return.

The 3rd quarter was to be the classic killer quarter with the defense trio denying Almondsbury any chance of getting near the ring, they only scored 3 goals during this period of the game with Stars scoring a massive 16 . Beth in the GA bib was working well with Brooke scoring 11 out of the 16 goals gained ! .

Througout this quarter you could see a bit of tiredness creeping in with a few poor passes appearing on the stats sheet, so captain Helen Hynes made way for Katie Cruickshank  to take the WA bib mid way through the quarter this was a good move with passes into the “D” now sharpened up a bit and fresh legs in a demanding position. Quarter end and the score line was now 47/17

With the feeling of a good victory in sight HucclecoteStars got on with the 4th and final quarter, Almondsburyhad tried to re-shuffle their talented players around the court but were unable to come up with a combination that threatened Stars flow of the ball.

With the relentless defensive pressure from Izzy, Lydia and Catherine on the Almondsbury shooters many rebounds and intercepts were sent back down court through Felicity Elvidge (Flick) at centre guiding a safe passage to our shinning Star Shooters.

Final score was 59 / 26 which meant that the team had deprived Almondsbury  of the losers bonus point as well.

A good hard fought game with every player able to take to court and show their talents.

The opposition gave a well deserved player of the match to our captain Helen Hynes who had been a joy to watch play with her controlling spirit and dynamic play around the court.


Player of the match = Helen Hynes


Squad = Beth Gabriel, Brooke Vivian, Helen Hynes, Felicity Elvidge, Becky Lewis, Lydia Jones, IzzyRobinson, Katie Cruickshank, Catherine Taylor


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor